Swarovski Crystal Pendant

Swarovski Crystal Pendant
I would like the instructions to make a 3-D puffed heart pendant with Swarovski crystals. Thanks!?

I only know that it was called a puffed heart pendant using Swarovski crystals and I believe it was woven, but I’m not sure. I was hoping someone would have the answer for me. It was a beautiful pendant. I didn’t find anything like it on the website suggested.

I believe I know exactly what you are talking about. The hearts are made with double needle right angle weave. I have seen several patterns for nice puffy crystal hearts in Japanese beading magazines, but the pattern I like best is in “Love and Beads” by Emi Takamatsu. It is written in English which is a help. I found it in a bead store in Sacramento, CA. One of our local bead stores taught a slightly different one, but still very nice, in a class. If you happen to be anywhere near Northern California let me know and I will give you more information. Otherwise — look for that book (Amazon has it and it is on eBay right now in an auction and several eBay stores) and check your local bead stores.

I haven’t seen any patterns online for the puffy hearts. The ones I have seen are not shaped as nicely. (And I have done a lot of searching online for the 3D crystal patterns!)

These are somewhat similar — but not as nice




Good luck!

Swarovski Crystal Pendant
Swarovski Crystal Pendant
Swarovski Crystal Pendant

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