Swarovski Crystal Pink

Swarovski Crystal Pink

Everyone knows that choosing the right color scheme will add style and elegance to a wedding. Some of the best color combinations pair a soft color with a bolder one. For a truly stylish wedding, check out what you can do with a wonderful pink and black color palette.

Pink and black make a striking pair. Pink is soft and ultra-feminine, where black is dark and sophisticated. When the two are put together, you get a high contrast and high style palette that will add instant flair to your wedding.

There are some great ways in which pink and black can be used for a wedding. One idea is to go with a retro 1950s theme. The color combination of pink and black was very popular in mid century fashion, and it can provide a really cool look for a wedding. Picture the bridesmaids in knee length pink satin strapless cocktail dresses with black tulle peeking out from the hem. Add a black sash at the waist with an oversized fabric flower for a lovely detail. Finish off their look with custom bridal jewelry made from pink Swarovski pearls and jet black crystals.

The style of a cool 1950s diner would be great for a pink and black wedding reception. Pink and black checked linens will look great for the tables. A very fun idea for the centerpieces would be to mound pink carnations in glossy opaque black vases. It is a great update on an inexpensive and abundant flower. Keep the place settings simple with clean mid-century modern flair.

Pink and black can also have a wonderful modern Victoriana flavor. This would be wonderful for a formal or evening wedding. Use motifs like intricate swirls, scrollwork, and brocade designs. A pink background with thin black scrolls would be an elegant and chic design around which to base your wedding. You could start by using it for the wedding invitations, and branch out from there.

There are some marvelous things you could do for wedding flowers with these colors. Any flower you could ever desire is available in pink. For the bridal bouquets, trim the flower stems with braided pink and black satin ribbons. Or add drama to an evening wedding by combining glamorous black feathers with pink flowers for centerpieces and bouquets.

The bride might want to consider bringing the color palette into her wedding attire. A traditional white gown could be customized to have pink and black embroidery around the neckline. Another idea would be to wear a pale, pale pink silk wedding gown with a black sash (which is very figure flattering). If you prefer the classic all white bridal gown, you can always introduce your wedding colors with custom pink and black bridal jewelry.

Your wedding cake is a perfect place to showcase your wedding colors and design scheme. A pink fondant cake can be decorated with black in a variety of gorgeous ways. One of the most elegant would be a modern damask pattern. For something more dainty, try tiny black Swiss dots on a pink cake. Trim each layer with a gum paste ribbon and “bow”. You could even go preppy with a pink and black argyle cake.

Pink and black is a stylish and versatile color theme for a wedding. It will be easy to design a wedding that is chic and memorable in style. Have fun planning a marvelous wedding all done in shades of pink and black.

Look to Bridget for advice on planning your wedding. Check out how we can help with your bridesmaids jewelry at SilverlandJewelry.com. Custom bridal jewelry is a wonderful way to have accessories made to match your wedding colors.

Swarovski Crystal Pink
Swarovski Crystal Pink
Swarovski Crystal Pink

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