Swarovski Crystal Royal

Swarovski Crystal Royal

The train is one of the things that distinguishes a bridal gown from any other type of formal dress. Having that fabric sweep behind you as you glide down the aisle is part of the fun of being a bride. There are many options in trains – which one is right for you?

  • Sweep train- the most minimal option other than no train at all. This type of train just barely brushes the ground. It is often seen on very slender sheath gowns, and at informal weddings. A sweep train is also favored by second time brides who want a special dress, but not a lot of pomp and circumstance. It can be bustled with a single tie, or left down all evening. Leaving the train down is only manageable if the bride does not plan to do much dancing.
  • Court train – extends about three feet from the waist. This is a nice length for a garden wedding, or a beach ceremony. If your wedding is outdoors, be sure that you have a smooth surface for your train to glide over during the processional so it does not snag or tear. You will definitely need to bustle a train of this length.
  • Chapel train – the most popular length, this train is about four feet from the waist of the gown. The chapel train is beloved for its’ versatility. It is enough of a train to make the bridal gown feel fancy, but it is not too cumbersome. It can be bustled under the gown, with a technique known as a French bustle, or brought up to the outside with little buttons or hooks. The outside bustle tends to work best on gowns that have pleats or details in the back to cover the hardware. Occasionally, a bride will choose to have a loop at the end of the train so she can wear it over her wrist for the reception. This is quite a gracious look, but not a good choice for anyone who is very active or at all clumsy.
  • Cathedral train - this is the longest train commonly seen. The cathedral train reaches nine yards from the waist of the gown – that is a lot of fabric! A train of this grandeur is suitable for only the most formal of indoor weddings. The location needs to be as opulent as the train, and have a very long aisle, hence the name “cathedral” train. This is the right choice for you if you are having a very elegant wedding, and love drama. To balance out such an extravagant gown, all of the bride’s accessories should be equally fabulous. Choose accessories like custom bridal Swarovski necklaces, over the elbow gloves, and sparkling tiaras. A train this long will require a double layer bustle to get it up for the reception. Managing such a complicated bustle is not easy, so be certain that your attendants get lessons from the bridal shop. (A tip for the bustlers: when you are crawling around under the bride’s dress, be sure not to lift her skirt so high that her fanny is exposed!) A clever and fabulous way to make it easier to match up the proper sets of bustle ties is to finish them off with little touches inspired by the bridal ensemble. For instance, if your gown has bows on it, stitch tiny bows onto the bustle ties (each pair should be a different color). Brides wearing sparkling custom bridal Swarovski necklaces will naturally want twinkling crystals to decorate their bustle.
  • Royal train: the name says it all. This is the longest train of all, measuring ten or more yards (30 feet!) from the waist of the gown. A train this over the top should be worn only by actual royalty. Considering yourself a princess is not enough to be able to pull off this much train without looking silly. (And besides, it would weigh an absolute ton!)
  • Your wedding gown is the most special dress that you will ever wear. It also is your chance to let your personality shine. Whether you like things simple (sweep train) or extravagant (cathedral train), there is a train that will just feel right to you. And if the dress that melts your heart does not have the right train, fear not – it can always be customized. After all, shouldn’t a bride get to have things exactly the way she wants them?

    Bridget has many years helping clients select jewelry and accessories and writes for SilverlandJewelry.com. Let us know if you would like her to write on a particular topic. Custom Swarovski crystal bracelets make beautiful bridal jewelry and unforgettable bridesmaids gifts.

    Swarovski Crystal Royal
    Swarovski Crystal Royal
    Swarovski Crystal Royal

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