Swarovski Crystal Teardrop

Swarovski Crystal Teardrop

Many people assume that a black tie wedding is the most formal type of event that there is. Actually, this is not the case; the white tie wedding is the most elegant and formal. Properly held only in winter evenings, these weddings are the pinnacle of style for a wedding celebration.

Everything about a white tie wedding should be as elegant as possible, from the location to the attire to the menu.The event should only be held after dark, which is why they are reserved for winter weddings that begin at 6pm or later. For the venue, think opulence. A grand cathedral would be ideal for the ceremony. The reception should be hosted in a formal and luxurious venue, such as the grandest ballroom in the swankiest hotel in town.

The formality of a white tie wedding begins with the invitation. Select an ultra-conservative white or ecru invitation with either a triple embossed panel design or a gold border. The wedding invitation wording should definitely be engraved, and this is a time to use a very ornate script font. The words used on the invitation should be traditional, not creative or modern, and the notation “White tie” should appear in the lower right hand corner, opposite the R.s.v.p. line on the left.

So what does it actually mean to dress in white tie attire? The gentlemen will wear a very formal tuxedo with a cutaway jacket and a white bowtie. Top hat and gloves are optional. For the ladies, such a grand occasion is an opportunity to wear something really fabulous, from the bride on down.

The bride should choose a gown with a full ballskirt, a long train, and ornate details. Silk satin would be the ideal fabric, or you could even opt for white silk velvet, since a white tie wedding will be in the winter. This is the time to adopt a “more is more” philosophy. A gown with heavy silver embroidery and lavish beading on both the bodice and the hem would be perfect for such a grand occasion. Accessories matter, too. Look for spectacular pieces such as custom bridal Swarovski necklaces. A sparkling Swarovski crystal necklace that can be custom made to coordinate with the special details on your bridal gown will help to pull your entire ensemble together. And don’t forget the long white gloves, which are de rigeur for the bride at a white tie affair.

A white tie wedding will also give you an excuse to design some fabulous decor for your reception. Elaborate crystal chandeliers will cast the perfect glow. Either seek out a venue that has them, or rent some and suspend them over each dinner table. Custom ordered linens will make your tablescape upscale. A rich brocade with metallic thread would be magnificent. Set the table to perfection with sparkling cut crystal and fine china that is handpainted with gold trim.

And then there are the flowers. They should be plentiful and very ornately arranged. Loads of roses overflowing from tall silver vases are gorgeous. You can even go with a fanciful tablescape that features a small tree created from gold or silver painted branches. Decorate it with hanging crystal teardrops and fresh orchids for a centerpiece that will truly impress. The most traditional color for the flowers would be white, but a deep red or even an eggplant color would be equally stunning.

Pop the cork on the Champagne, dish out the caviar, and you will be ready to get your fabulous white tie wedding underway. It is a marvelous way to celebrate the start of a new marriage. One thing is certain: there is nothing more stylish than a grand white tie wedding.

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Swarovski Crystal Teardrop
Swarovski Crystal Teardrop
Swarovski Crystal Teardrop

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