Swarovski Pink Crystal

Swarovski Pink Crystal
Twenty-two Inch Rims with Swarovski Crystals?

I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find 22inch rims with pink swarovski crystals?(or even clear)

Maybe a website or store that I can design my rims. I would appreciate all help. These will be for a Dodge Ram.

Why do you consider it throwing money around.

If it is something that I have saved for and really want, then it is worth it.

No one gets angry when you “throw” your money away on Mcdonalds. I mean as an alternative might I suggest actually cooking.

what i always find funny is people spend the big $$$ on the rims and then they find the cheapest tires in the world to go on them.
Remember is the tire that makes contact with the road and keeps you on the road :)

Swarovski Pink Crystal
Swarovski Pink Crystal
Swarovski Pink Crystal

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