Swarovski Rhinestones Ab

Swarovski Rhinestones Ab

If you are anything like most brides, you want lots of sparkle for your wedding day! There are lots of ways that you can use sparkle throughout your wedding, but the best place to start is with you. You wedding gown is the perfect way to set the tone, so make it as sparkly as you want.

Sparkle can come in different forms. One of the most popular is beading done with Swarovksi crystals. When used on a wedding gown, they are typically clear or ab finish, but you can also add some crystals in your wedding colors for that extra punch.

There are a myriad of ways that crystal beadwork can be used. It is beautiful when added as an accent to lace or over embroidery. This is a way to add sparkle to the gown while defining the design of the lace or embroidery pattern at the same time.

You can also use crystals to add pizazz to any otherwise plain wedding gown. A row of crystals encirling the waistline of a gown is a gorgeous effect, and is great if you want to add sparkle without adding a strong design element. Another place that a row of crystals is spectacular is on the bottom of tails or a sash. They will really catch the light as they move and flow down the back of your bridal gown.

If you choose a gown with crystals, you will want to accessorize it with crystal wedding jewelry to coordinate. Because crystal beading on a gown shows as sparkle, but not as much as a bold design, you have the freedom to choose crystal wedding jewelry that is as ornate as you like. Of course, a simple strand of Swarovski crystals glittering at the throat is also fabulous, if your style is more streamlined.

Another way to make your wedding gown sparkly is with rhinestones or mirror backed crystals. Mirror backed crystals are exactly what they sound like, and they do indeed look like tiny mirrors. They are usually flat, and come in some great shapes, like round, square, or flowers. These work very well as part of a decorative trim around the waist, hem, or neckline of a gown. Mirror backed crystals can be worked into very ornate decorative trims.

Mirror backed crystals also make a great alternative to the traditional bridal fabric-covered buttons. A row of the square mirror backed crystals looks very modern and chic trailing all the way down the back of a gown. It is a look that works equally well on slinky charmeuse dresses or on full satin bridal gowns. This is a great effect when you are looking to create some drama for the back of your dress.

When creating a super sparkly bridal ensemble, don’t forget about your veil. You can add a row of crystals to the bottom edge of a straight cut veil, or all around a shaped veil. Larger crystal briolettes look absolutely stunning when they are dropped onto a long veil. However, even if you like the silvery look of rhinestones for your gown, you should stay away from them on your veil; in photographs, the rhinestones will look like dark spots. Best to stick to the crystals.

Your wedding day is your time to shine! Make this come true by choosing a wedding gown with lots of sparkle, or by adding crystals to a plain gown. When you walk down the aisle all a-glitter, the effect will be spectacular.

Laura helps brides with their wedding plans by offering advice on selecting bridesmaids gifts,reception ideas and other aspects of planning a wedding. Crystal wedding jewelry is a must-have for a bride who loves sparkle!

Swarovski Rhinestones Ab
Swarovski Rhinestones Ab
Swarovski Rhinestones Ab

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