Swarovski Topaz Crystal

Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Are swarovski beads with birthstone colors really the birthstone?

For example, if i buy a topaz bicone swarovski bead, is the bead really made out of the stone topaz or is it just crystal in the color “topaz”?

Swarovski is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass. They are the most beautiful crystals in the world but they are manmade and dyed various colors.

There is no problem using a crystal dyed topaz for birthstone jewelry. Although they are dyed they still represent the month of November.

Purchasing the precious stone “topaz” can be very expensive so using a crystal dyed topaz is a great alternative.


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Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Swarovski Topaz Crystal

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