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Cut Diamond Eternity

Cut Diamond Eternity
engagement rings advice on wedding bands?

okay so i have a 1 carat princess cut solitare I am looking at eternity bands…. do you think a eternity band with round diamonds would look silly with my ring?? Any suggestion of a wedding band for my princess cut solitare?

Actually two bands with round diamonds on either side of a pricess cut diamond looks beautiful.

Cut Diamond Eternity
Cut Diamond Eternity
Cut Diamond Eternity

Diamond Anniversary Eternity

Diamond Anniversary Eternity

Don’t freak out. I want to have a frank discussion with you about diamond anniversary rings. I know you thought that after purchasing the engagement ring, you would never have to go through the expensive, laborious process of buying another diamond. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that tradition dictates that your 60th wedding anniversary is your “diamond” anniversary and therefore should be celebrated with the gift of a diamond. So tradition is on your side. The bad news is that many women will definitely want to see more bling before they have been married to you for 60 years. Plus, if you go buy the modern list, you’re due to buy her diamonds by the 10th anniversary. In case your wondering, here is the entirety of the traditional and modern list of gifts you are supposed to get in accordance with each anniversary date:

Traditional Modern

Year 1: Paper Clocks

Year 2: Cotton China

Year 3: Leather Crystal

Year 4: Silk/Flowers Appliances

Year 5: Wood Silverware

Year 6: Candy/iron Wood

Year 7: Wool/copper Desk sets

Year 8: Bronze/rubber Linen

Year 9: Pottery Leather

Year 10: Tin Diamond Jewelry

Year 11: Steel Fashion Jewelry

Year 12: Linen Pearls

Year 13: Lace Textiles

Year 14: Ivory Gold Jewelry

Year 15: Crystal Watches

Year 20: China Platinum

Year 25: Silver Silver

Year 30: Pearl Pearl

Year 35: Coral Jade

Year 40: Ruby Ruby

Year 45: Sapphire Sapphire

Year 50: Gold Gold

Year 55: Emerald Emerald

Year 60: Diamond Diamond

(ThereÂ’s really no need to go by this list unless you want toÂ…Joel and I definitely have not). Anyway, hereÂ’s some more info on diamond anniversary bands in case you are interested in finding out. Typically, diamond anniversary bands are in essence eternity bands, meaning bands that symbolize that your commitment will last until eternity. How this is symbolized in the jewelry world is usually through a precious metal band with small diamonds surrounding the ringÂ’s circumference. The diamonds can be itty bitty chips or big olÂ’ studs depending on your budget and desire for flash. Other gemstones, such as you womanÂ’s birthstone are often used as well, either in isolation or alternating with the diamonds. A ring with small diamond chips will set you back a few hundredÂ….big diamonds will obviously cost a lot more. In any event, most women would love to receive a diamond anniversary ring, so it may be worth shelling out the cash for her delighted response.

The author just celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the website: http://www.ultimate-engagement-ring-guide.com to help you find the perfect ring.

Diamond Anniversary Eternity
Diamond Anniversary Eternity
Diamond Anniversary Eternity

Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond Eternity Bands
Is it common for diamonds to fall off eternity bands?

YES! I have worked in the jewelry industry for quite some time and that is the number 1 reason I wouldn’t sell eternity bands. The bottom of the ring takes so much abuse that you will be constantly replacing stones that have fallen out. I suggest a ring that has stones 3/4 of the way around so it appears to be an eternity band and can be sized but has no stones on the bottom.


The 2nd reason I didn’t sell them was “how do you size the ring” it really can’t be sized and your finger will most likely change sizes at least 2 times in your life.

Diamond Eternity Bands
Diamond Eternity Bands
Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond Man Eternity

Diamond Man Eternity
Looking for matching wedding bands (similar to the Etoile collection at Tiffany’s)?

White gold, with bezel set diamonds — eternity band for both man & woman, in NYC area looking for a much more reasonable price than “Tiffany’s” at $2300.00 each

check out http://e-weddingbands.com thats where i got my husbands wedding ring from and they are beautiful rings with very reasonable price tags. Im pretty sure they have the bezel set eternity bands you are talking abot. Good luck

Diamond Man Eternity
Diamond Man Eternity
Diamond Man Eternity

Ladies Diamond Eternity

Ladies Diamond Eternity

Diamond rings are very popular for many people all over the world especially when given as a gift for ladies. Diamond is in fact the one of the most sought after minerals in the world. The prices of diamonds have shot up over time that it can cost a man an arm and a leg. Whoever receives a diamond ring feels that he or she is very special because they too are aware of how much it costs in the market nowadays.

Mining of Diamonds

Diamonds were initially mined in India although some groups still debate on the exact nature of the stone they named Adamas. Currently, other diamond mines have been discovered primarily in Africa, Canada and Australia.

Diamond Set on an Engagement Ring

As a symbolism of betrothal, some men will purchase a gold banded ring with a diamond stone mounted on top of it. They intentionally purchase the more expensive diamond rings because it symbolizes their commitment to the relationship which is corollary to the marriage vows one takes during a wedding ceremony. Many will argue that a diamond is the most expensive, beautiful and enduring gem in the world.

Production of Diamond Rings by De Beers

De Beers is the most widely-known company engaged in diamond mining and is present in about 25 countries due to its exploration activities although they are mainly headquartered at Luxemburg. The company was founded in 1888 at South Africa. They are responsible for about 40% of the total production of diamonds in the world. Their services include the marketing and promotion of diamonds. In fact, their slogan is one of the most popular slogans in the world and has been used in songs and even one James Bond movie. The slogan goes like this “A diamond is forever” which was initially rolled in 1947.

Due to its extensive marketing campaigns, they have been effective in presenting the diamond as the primary symbol of appreciation and lasting affection to which an engagement or wedding ring has been equated to. Other campaigns initiated by De Beers were eternity diamond rings and the trilogy diamond rings which represents past, present and future of couples and the right hand ring which symbolizes the independence of women. Through all these campaigns, they have successfully penetrated the jewelry industry and the company has become a front runner in the marketing of diamond rings.

Fight Against Synthetic Diamond Rings

As a major proponent for real diamond rings and jewelry, the company of De Beers has taken steps against modern technologies which seeks to gain a share of the diamond market. A program called “Gem Defensive Program” was developed which introduced an instrument which could allegedly detect a ring made of synthetic and simulant diamonds. Both types of diamonds are acknowledged as created to simulate the look of a real diamond.

Whatever way the industry goes, the public is sure to continue patronizing diamond rings as the best gift one could give their loved ones. It symbolizes everything what a relationship should: strong and durable through the test of times.

Eric Hartwell oversees “The World’s Best Homepage” intended to be a user-generated resource where YOUR opinion counts. Anybody can contribute and all are welcomed. Visit us to read, comment upon or share opinions on jewelry and visit his associated site for unique jewelry.

Ladies Diamond Eternity
Ladies Diamond Eternity
Ladies Diamond Eternity

Diamond Eternity Anniversary

Diamond Eternity Anniversary

Most women love receiving jewelry for a gift on just about any occasion. There are times, however, when only diamond eternity rings will do. These diamond rings are typically given as anniversary gifts or other occasions.

What makes diamond eternity rings different is the fact that the diamonds go all the way around the band. These bands of gold and diamonds are perfect for “stacking” which means a lady can sport two or more of these on one hand.

When purchasing diamond eternity rings be sure to do everything that you would normally do while diamond shopping. The Cs, which are cut, color, clarity and carat weight will tell you if you are purchasing diamonds that are worth the money that you are spending. The fact that you are buying a ring with smaller stones all the way around the band should not deter you from looking into the quality of the stones.

The cut of a diamond is all about the shape. Round diamonds will offer more sparkle and shine to the diamonds. The choice of cuts whether it be round, princess cut or any of the other shapes is normally contingent upon personal preference.

The color refers to how much yellow tint your diamond eternity rings will have. The levels are categorized by letters with D being colorless. The tint will be more the higher up the alphabet you go.

Clarity is how many imperfections one can see with the naked eye. There various levels to this as well and if you are choosing diamond eternity rings based on clarity you will want to look at a scale at your jeweler to see what your options are.

Carat weight is exactly what it says. This is how much the diamond weighs. Most diamond eternity rings will have smaller diamonds that are either channel set or prong set around the entire ring. The combined total weight of all the diamonds will determine how much carat weight you have.

Diamond eternity rings are normally given to women on their wedding anniversaries but in today’s world, there are more and more bride who love the look and feel of these bands and are opting to use them for

wedding bands.

Rich Keys writes about jewellery. If you are looking for a diamond eternity ring then DiamondGeezer has a huge selection of beautiful eternity rings online.

Diamond Eternity Anniversary
Diamond Eternity Anniversary
Diamond Eternity Anniversary

Gia Emerald Diamond

Gia Emerald Diamond
Have I found a good Emerald diamond?

I’m looking for an “affordable” emerald diamond to propose to my girlfriend. I found a loose emerald diamond on the internet and have the specifics. I’ve done some research on color and clarity and this diamond seems to fit a “nice” diamond. But there are other specs like girdle and polish that hopefully someone could give me feedback on. Here it is, GIA grading:

Carat: 1.0
Color: F
Clarity: VS2
Cut Grade: Premium
Depth: 74.9%
Table: 59%
Girdle: Very Thin to Thick
Cutlet: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Flourescence: None
Measurements: 5.88 x 4.91 x 3.68
Length to Width ratio: 1.2

Price around $2,800

You do not want this diamond. And here is why:
It is not going to look like a full carat. The point system 100points equals a carat this is based upon weight not measurements.

Your table is on the small side of a good range. The table is what you see looking down on it. The depth is outside of good parameters, this means most of the diamond is underneath.

The girdle is a problem. Ideal ranges for a girdle would be medium to slightly thick. Very thin, and very thick should be avoided. And rings going from extremes thin is fine, but you don’t want to go from thin to thick. Thick is fine but you don’t want it going to extremes, this is the edge of the diamond big changes like thin to thick could be noticeable. This is the edge and this one is going from v. thin to thick. V.Thin at all with an emerald cut is a no no. Because the corners that are thin, will be a weak spot and most likely to chip.

your length to width ratio is 1.2 the ideal range is 1.3-1.4 but this is preference this means that it will look more squarish then rectangular.

Your cut, carat, clarity, color, cost, is all very good and you want no fluorescence, culet I prefer none this is the facet on the pointy side of the diamond. A small culet is desired and is preference.

I have an emerald cut diamond from bluenile.
.89ct this is less than 1 ct but the
measurements 6.77×5.02×2.97 so you see that mine is much bigger.
My color is E, VVS2,
v.good symmetry, v.good polish, no flourescence, no culet,
girdle medium,
table 68 at the top range of good, depth 59 at the bottom range of good. This makes it shallow (2.97 depth)
ratio 1.34
We paid 4,000, it appraised for 8,000

Suggest going under a carat. My diamond looks bigger than a carat because of the dimensions. You will pay much less going for a 7/8ths carat .83-.95 or a 3/4ths .69-.82 with top quality


I got two here
carat .88
color E
clarity VS1
cut v.good
depth 58
table 69
girdle thin-medium
polish v.good/ v.good symmetry
flourescence none
measurements 6.99×4.86×2.82
length/width 1.44
cost 3,288 This one is my top pick of all of them, I feel its the nicest

carat .80 3/4
color G near colorless
clarity VS1
cut ideal
depth 60/table 68
girdle med-sl. thick
polish/symmetry v.good/v.good
flourescence none
measurements 6.70×4.79×2.89
length width 1.40
price 3,603


I found 3 I liked here
.82 3/4 carat
color F, clarity VS2
excellent cut, excellent polish, v.good symmetry
table 66, depth 60.6
2500.96 check the girdle first its not listed

.82 ct, color F, VS1
excellent cut, excellent polish, v. good symmetry
table 68/depth 62.6
2,871.25 also check the girdle

.80ct, color G, VS2
excellent cut, excellent polish, v.good symmetry
table 67/depth 60.9
girdle med-thick (great!)
2,445.33 This one I really like as well

I have problems with both of Alyssa’s carat diamonds. See the problem when you go with a carat is that you are sacrificing quality for size, however the size is poorly cut in order to market the 1 carat and the refraction, fire, brilliance and scintillation are compromised even at reputable sites for this price range. The first one she lists is good length to width, good cut, clarity, but the color is off an I is too low, the table is out of range and its very deep. The second one, the J color is not acceptable also the dimensions are off and if you compare it, it really isn’t larger than the .88 I have listed, though the price is right, you are sacrificing alot. Look at the cost per carat, that will show you the quality of the diamond

I did find a 1ct from blue nile that is good LD01401037
1.00ct, color E, VS2, cut v.good, ex, v.good sym/pol, 1.43, table 67,depth 61.3, med-sl. thick girdle
7.06×4.94×3.03 cost 5,564


you can see on this above chart that a 1ct emerald cut is 7×5, this was the size measurements I was shooting for, while picking a diamond of a smaller range 7/8ths. As you can see by my top pick for you the measurements of 6.99 in length does hit that mark, the 5mm width is really close at 4.86mm, keep in mind that the width of a credit card is 1 mm, you are talking a difference of width 1/10th of a credit card to get that 4.86 to a 5mm

You can see that with corey’s ring the diamond is nearly square at 1.13 and the dimensions of 5.59×4.93 are much smaller than the length of a .75ct being 6.5mmx4.5mm this diamond is going to look smaller than a .75 and its bigger than that, plus its very deep. You want a diamond that looks bigger than it actually is while staying within good parameters

Personally there is no reason that your depth shouldn’t be under 3mm

Gia Emerald Diamond
Gia Emerald Diamond
Gia Emerald Diamond

Certified Diamond Eternity

Certified Diamond Eternity

Diamonds are forever! Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend. Men are increasing choosing to wear diamond eternity rings and why not! Diamonds jewelry is just so beautiful and irresistible! Also considered as one of the best gift options, diamond eternity rings are symbols of eternal and unending love. Perhaps that is why more and more couples are opting for these precious metal and stone circles that are a unique and unequivocal reflection of love, togetherness, and complete devotion.

A diamond eternity ring that stands the test of time

Yes, a diamond eternity ring does stand the test of time. But don’t take our word for it. When you buy an eternity ring studded with diamonds you will be spellbound by the magic of its sparkle. The beauty and the dazzle of a diamond eternity ring is unparalleled and a very special experience. Much before diamond eternity bands had become symbols of undying love, they were known as the best ever wedding ring or dress ring.

How to choose diamond eternity rings

As the name suggests, all diamond eternity rings are set with diamonds. There are two types of rings – those that have a full ring of diamonds and those that have only half ring of diamonds. Full eternity rings are perfect for smaller sized diamonds, while half eternity rings make for a great setting for larger sized diamonds. Of course, there are plenty of choices in styling, and designs and many rings even come in multiple stranded designs or plaited designs.

Choosing diamond eternity rings are not just items of pure indulgence and reflections of the innermost feelings; they are also a good investment. Perhaps that is why you must pay attention on the quality of the diamonds used in the diamond eternity band before buying them.

The four factors/properties that define the quality and price of a diamond are cut, clarity, carat, and color. Carat is the weight of each diamond, while cuts are the manner in which a diamond is cut so that it can shine brilliantly all the time. White is the best color and the clearer the diamond, the more expensive it is. You must also make sure that the each diamond comes with its certificate of quality certified by the GIA.

Price and Other factors

Some of the best choices of diamond cuts are square, oval, oblong, or round. These ensure continuity and a seamless appearance to the admirers. The more diamonds your ring has the more expensive it will be. Quite simply said, full diamond ring is almost 2-3 times more expensive than the half eternity ring because of the larger number of diamonds. Each style has its own charm and it is purely a personal choice whether you choose a half or full diamond eternity ring. Of course, half diamond rings are cheaper, have most of the diamonds on the crown, and can be adjusted for size in case you gain or lose weight with time.

Diamond eternity rings are perhaps the best way to express your love, commitment, and adoration for someone who has a very special place in your life. So make the effort to choose the perfect one!

For further information, please visit New York Diamond
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Certified Diamond Eternity
Certified Diamond Eternity
Certified Diamond Eternity

Certified Blue Diamond

Certified Blue Diamond
Why does my Diamond turn Blue when I am in the tanning bed?

I notice that when i get into the tanning bed, only one diamond out of all of them on my ring turns blue. But when i get out, its just like the others. My rings are supposed to be certified, does it mean that the one that is turning blue is a fake?

Yes one of your Diamonds is fake. It is probably Moissanite, which is silicon carbide. It will turn blue under ultraviolet light (tanning bed) where a diamond will glow.

Certified Blue Diamond
Certified Blue Diamond
Certified Blue Diamond

Carat Square Diamond

Carat Square Diamond
Which diamond is the better buy?

Looking at 2 engagement rings very similar settings- 2 different diamond choices. Not sure which diamond is the better buy…

VVS2 H .52ct princess cut “Hearts on Fire” diamond

.702 carat CC square brilliant diamond; clarity grade AGS 6 (SI2) and COLORLESS, color grade AGS 1.0 (F) (no specific brand listed)

I plugged the two diamonds’ information you gave into a diamond search engine (I used Diamond Price Guru, but there are others). I figured you can compare the results with the prices you were quoted, so you’ll know which is the better buy. They check the prices at a dozen stores.

The VVS2 H .52-ct princess “Hearts on Fire” (I wasn’t sure if “Hearts on Fire” would equal “ideal” cut or “very good” cut):
Ideal cut: $852 to $1,476 at four stores.
Very good cut: $861 to $880 at two stores.

The .70-ct, Si1, F square brilliant (princess) (no cut grade specified?):
Ideal cut: $1,380 to $1,447 at two stores.
Very good cut: $1,298 to $2,096 at four stores.

So, now you can compare the prices you were told against these. I hope this helps.

Carat Square Diamond
Carat Square Diamond
Carat Square Diamond