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Real Princess Diamond

Real Princess Diamond

It is not so often that couples who wish to get married are able to purchase their diamond wedding rings. These rings have a little higher tag price than the usual bands made of gold or platinum. However, if you and your spouse-to-be are the kind of couple who are planning on investing on diamond wedding rings to show your love for each other, then perhaps this article can help you justify your decision.

To Supplement or to Complement

Wearing matching diamond wedding rings will show everyone that you two consider your partner as your better half. You are a single unit and the bond between you is unshakable. However, it is not really a requirement for married couples to have been matching wedding bands. There are some people who are not into wearing identical diamond wedding rings. They are the type of couples who would like to bring out the uniqueness and individuality of their partners all throughout their marriage. Because of this, different shops, both in stores and over the Internet, have wide variety of men’s diamond rings and another collection for women’s as well.


Ordinary wear and tear is inevitable, especially for wedding bands formed from precious metals. Because of this, as time passes, the rings are prone to looking more and more old and used. This is not the case with a diamond wedding ring. The diamonds embedded in the ring are known for their resiliency and durability. A diamond is the hardest stone, thus it can survive time without losing its shine and elegance. If the inevitable occurs, and the metal component of a diamond wedding ring is worn out, the diamonds can still be used again by embedding them on a new ring. Diamonds are guaranteed for a lifetime, this is why they are definitely great as wedding rings.


A diamond wedding ring signifies more than a simple band. It is a symbol of power, patience, love and loyalty. It represents forever. It symbolizes all that is fundamental to make a lasting marriage. Diamond wedding rings show the certainty of a person to commit his life with his partner. This is a bold statement, an unspoken pledge, which can be better expressed by giving this special ring. Rings containing other gemstones may not be as declarative as the rings that have diamonds.

Looking for the Best

Furthermore, given that these diamond wedding rings are not as low-priced as the others, it would be best if you are able to get the best value for your money. Diamonds are characterized by their color, cut, clarity and carat. Try to look for the best wedding diamond rings that you can afford and at the same time the ones that best express how you feel. This way, you are certain that you are getting the best diamond rings worth your money.

Ditto White is an author and editor in chief for http://www.princess-diamond.info Visit the site and get tons of FREE about diamond. More information about diamond wedding ring, visit http://www.princess-diamond.info

Real Princess Diamond
Real Princess Diamond
Real Princess Diamond

Natural Ruby Diamond

Natural Ruby Diamond
I need help beating the battle tower in pokemon diamond… So far ive made it to the second tycoon but lost..?

Here is the team (in order) that ive been useing…. All stats are takin during battle at lvl 50..

Weavile-Pressure/ Admant/ Focus Sash


MoveSet: Brick Break – Arial Ace

Night Slash – Swords Dance

Starmie-Natural Cure/ Timid/ Focus Band


Move Set: Psychic – Surf

Thunder Bolt – Ice Beam

Umbreon-Synchronize/Calm/Cheri Berry


Move Set: Screech – Confuse Ray

Toxic – Moonlight

Please dont answer if your not that good cuz ive beaten all the games back to blue and red…. to silver …ruby…but this tower is differant in diamond so any battle tecniques would help alot as well. If i need to trash them. then tell me where to start

Personally, i have always used Garchomp, the other two in my party have always varied;
from Gallade, Scizor, Infernape, Starmie, Milotic, Tyranitar, Yanmega, Snorlax and Heracross.
People have always fallen victim to using all dragon thinking they must be able to beat everything. So avoid having more than one, if any dragons in your group. Also, have something with a powerful ice move to take on any dragons. Milotic is good because it can use both ice and dragon moves without it being dragon itself.

At the higher levels of the battle tower i tend to only use moves with 100% accuracy. Missing an attack can determine the outcome of the match.

For me, gallade and scizor have always been used first. they are very physical based and both have a large moveset to combat nearly any type. Scizor’s ability “technician”, as well as a steel boosting item can make metal claw a formidable attack.

My current battle tower party: (in order)

SCIZOR: Technician, Jolly nature, Metal Coat

hp: 149
atk: 164
def: 130
sp. atk:72
sp. Def 108
spd. 200

Iron Defense
Metal Claw
Aerial Ace
Silver Wind

GARCHOMP (received off friend), Adamant nature, Draco Plate
hp: 192
atk: 180
def: 124
sp. atk: 189
sp. def: 113
spd: 135

Dragon Claw

GALLADE, Quirky nature, Steadfast, Focus Sash

atk: 140
def: 82
sp. atk: 88
sp. def: 132
spd: 96

Close Combat
Leaf Blade
Psycho Cut
Swords Dance

This is all personal preference. This rotating group has been used in the offline, but mainly online modes of the battle tower. It always comes in handy to use one of the starting 3 evos, such as Charizard, Swampert, Infernape etc.

Natural Ruby Diamond
Natural Ruby Diamond
Natural Ruby Diamond

Women Trio Diamond

Women Trio Diamond

In addition to lovely bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces, the Pilgrim Jewellery also offers beautiful accessories including different kinds of charms and brooches. The collection ranges from crystal brooches and cameos to velvet flowers and chandelier earrings. There is something for everyone in the various series of products offered by Pilgrim. The Ornamental series and the series of trio crystal rings are worth mentioning. The Silhouette and unisex jewellery by Pilgrim are also unique and attractive. In this article we will explore some of the most beautiful and timeless designer jewellery articles by Pilgrim.

Exceptional necklaces composed of modern and bold pendants can be found in the Bright Eye collection. This jewellery is suitable for people of all ages. It comes in elegant colors like black, gray and silver. The Friendship series offers lovely bracelet made of leather and sterling silver decorated with freshwater pearls. The overall design is mesmerizing. This bracelet can make a charming gift for young girls. If you are looking for more stylish and intricate bracelets you should check out the Filigree collection by Pilgrim. Lovely bracelets with cotton cords which are easy to wear are available in this category.

Teardrop series by Pilgrim Jewellery contains gorgeous earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This category is for women who prefer elegant colors and gold-plated jewellery. Teardrop pendants and dangling charms are used to make these striking articles of jewellery. The Nouveau is another attractive series composed of crystal necklaces and earrings finished in 22k gold gild. If you are looking for beautiful rings then the Classic Ring collection by Pilgrim is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It consists of three extraordinary rings known as Black Classic, Red Classic and Green Classic.

Other than traditional jewellery articles, Pilgrim Jewellery also offers accessories like anklets, toe rings and brooches. The Flowerbirds by Pilgrim is worth checking out to locate stunning and one-of-a-kind anklets. The Delightful Flowerbirds Anklet is simply gorgeous. This anklet is available in lilac, mint, orange and golden colors. You can also find a lovely gold toe ring in this collection shaped like a flower. Matching necklaces and earrings can also be located to complete the set. These articles are available in a range of beautiful and eye-catching colors. A similar series is given the name Little Leaves which is composed of brown, rose, and purple colored stones finished in antique gold gild.

All contemporary jewellery articles by Pilgrim Jewellery are exceptional and extremely exquisite. Different series are offered with interesting and self-descriptive names for different seasons and occasions. The Metro series offers unisex necklaces for men and women made of sterling silver. Similarly, there are retro, classic and gothic designs to be found in the Pilgrim collection. Another popular series is known as the 3D Flower collection which consists of gorgeous 3D coral toe rings, earrings and necklaces. You can find amazing colors like peach, rose and orange which are usually preferred by young girls. Matching rings and bracelets can also be located in this category to complete an entire set.

Black diamond engagement rings

Women Trio Diamond
Women Trio Diamond
Women Trio Diamond

Princess Vintage Diamond

Princess Vintage Diamond

Did you know that you can get eBay vintage diamond rings for great prices? Vintage diamond rings are one of the newest trends today– people love the character that an older piece of jewelry have. But unfortunately, these treasured pieces can be hard to find.

Some people dedicate a lot of time and energy into driving to many antique stores, but they only have a few options at each store. If you want to save money and find a true vintage ring, eBay is the easiest and most affordable place to look.

So, many of the collectors are buying and selling eBay vintage diamond rings. eBay has been proven to be a great place to buy and sell antique and vintage products, because the items are available to people all over the world. The customer base is much larger than trying to sell a vintage diamond ring in a small antique store downtown.

You don’t want to spend your money only to find out that the seller sent you a fake– so request the paperwork with the ring. The seller can send you a certificate of authentication from a jewelry store or an appraiser, that certificate will give you the piece of mind that you are purchasing a high-quality item. If you are planning on buying an eBay vintage diamond ring, make sure that you are purchasing a real product.

The best feature about purchasing eBay vintage diamond rings is that you have so many options available. There are many vendors that offer a limitless amount of styles– you can find rings from every time period imaginable. Also, the are rings within many different budgets and price ranges, so you can still buy one even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

About the Author: Sydnie Vawdrey has the information you need about ebay vintage diamond rings. Access the best information about diamonds and engagement rings at her website: http://www.qualityvintageengagementrings.com

Princess Vintage Diamond
Princess Vintage Diamond
Princess Vintage Diamond

Natural Diamond Tennis

Natural Diamond Tennis

Exquisite diamond jewelry is not limited to colorless or clear diamonds.  Pieces of fine jewelry can also feature the vibrant or subdued tones of colored diamonds within their design.  While structurally, a diamond is a diamond, the appearance of colored diamonds differs as a result of the environment in which they develop.

Anyone who seeks to shop jewelry needs to be aware, however, that there are naturally occurring and synthetically colored diamonds.  Understanding the difference between the two is critical when selecting a piece of fine jewelry.

Coloration in diamonds

Diamonds come in every color of the spectrum. Conditions in the environment and the presence of specific minerals determine the shades of these gemstones.  While all diamonds are basically carbon-based structures, the presence of other minerals during a stone’s formation makes a difference.  Nitrogen, for example, creates yellow, brown and some shades of pink in diamonds.  Red, some green, violet and blue diamonds occur as a result of hydrogen atoms in their structure.  If boron is present, gray-blue colored diamonds result.

Conditions in the environment can also create colored diamonds.  Gamma radiation creates vibrant green diamonds, for example.  It also creates physical defects in the diamond crystals that create coloration in other diamonds. 

Natural versus synthetic coloration

Coloration can also be created synthetically.  Diamonds with lower quality coloration, meaning otherwise clear diamonds with a yellow or brown hue, can be treated to create virtually any color.  The coloration process can also be used on synthetic or man-made diamonds.

In addition to their differing origins, the value of natural and synthetically colored diamonds is not the same.  Naturally occurring coloration is a rare thing.  As a result, diamond jewelry featuring these stones is given greater value. 

The smarter way to shop jewelry

When browsing a diamond jeweler’s inventory, noting whether a stone has natural or synthetic coloration is an important part of the evaluation process.  Since organically created coloration is not an everyday occurrence, fine jewelry that showcases these stones can be a better investment.  Understandably, diamond jewelers’ collections of naturally colored stones tend to cost more than their pieces featuring synthetically colored stones. 

It can be confusing to evaluate diamond jewelry’s quality while keeping in mind the amount you wish to spend.  Diamond jewelers can be a helpful resource during the process and make it easier to find the highest quality diamond that is within your budget.

Natural Diamond Tennis
Natural Diamond Tennis
Natural Diamond Tennis

Diamond Cluster Estate

Diamond Cluster Estate

If you want an engagement ring that is unique and classy at the same time, you might consider giving your lady love an antique engagement ring. Nowadays, brides-to-be are showing their unique style and individuality by selecting antique and estate engagement rings. Many couples look at the future brightly by purchasing something from the past.

You may choose that extraordinary engagement ring from many fine collections of beautiful yet unusual and non traditional antique engagement jewelry.

A lot of women choose Art Deco and Edwardian antique engagement rings studded with sapphires and diamonds. Both these pearl and diamond antique engagement rings are evocative of the romantic era of the past. Old-fashioned filigree diamond engagement rings boast of exceptional workmanship and superior quality that makes it look good on any womanÂ’s hand.

Also popular are antique engagement rings with eclectic gemstones, antique rubies and antique sapphires. Does your future bride like nontraditional colors? Then go for an aquamarine antique engagement ring. It is the perfect combination of modern and antique styles.

You should also look at vintage sapphire engagement rings that carry colors that match the skyline with a slightly violet hue. A typical round faceted, mixed cut sapphire gemstone set on an antique band weighs about .70 carats with four diamonds, two baguettes and two single cuts flanking the sapphire, set horizontally.

There are also antique diamond cluster engagement rings that have diamonds in a cluster pattern. The center diamond is usually a round modern cut, while the encircling diamonds are round single cuts.

Before buying the antique engagement ring, you might want to consider your budget and personal preference. It is wise to first visit stores selling these unique pieces of jewelry prior to the actual purchase. You may also visit online stores to save some time looking for that perfect ring to buy.

Engagement Rings provides detailed information on Engagement Rings, Diamond Engagement Rings, Platinum Engagement Rings, Antique Engagement Rings and more. Engagement Rings is affiliated with Bachelorette Party Games.

Diamond Cluster Estate
Diamond Cluster Estate
Diamond Cluster Estate

Custom Size Diamond

Custom Size Diamond
Cost of materials aside, how expensive should it be to get a custom wedding band made?

I really want my wedding band to have pear shaped diamonds (they are my favorite, and my engagement ring does not have any, so I want to incorporate them some how!) The problem is, I can’t find one anywhere! I know the size of the stones, and type of metal change the cost of the ring, but how much more expensive is it to have your ring custom made instead of buying one straight out of the jewelry case? Thanks in advance!

It normally won’t cost more, probably will call less but that would need to be verified with a jewelry. Most chains tend to just sell what they stock so check with local store first.

Custom Size Diamond
Custom Size Diamond
Custom Size Diamond

Princess Diamond Snake

Princess Diamond Snake

There are of course many styles of rings available to buy today but not many of them are steeped in as much tradition as the snake ring.

Both exotic and unusual people looking to buy diamond snake rings usually have a good idea of what they are looking for and have already made their minds up that it is this particular style of ring they want.

Diamond snake rings are more popular than ever and are beautifully crafted exquisite pieces of jewelry. The shimmering diamonds along the body of the snake give the perfect reproduction of a snake in motion.

Some people are attracted to the mythic archetypal style of snake rings that represent time and eternity more often than not when the tail is being eaten by the head. This image is the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol showing a serpent eating its own tail. The symbol is believed to have been inspired by the Milky Way with ancient writings describing a serpent of light living amongst the heavens.

The circle, which is best depicted by this particular image, has always been an important symbol of ancient civilizations representing wholeness and perfection. The ring without beginning or end also represents the Sun, Moon and Universe.

Many different cultures including Christianity, Hinduism, Aztec, Norse and Chinese depict the image of the snake ring. In Greek Mythology snake rings were worn in honour of the Greek healing god Asclepius who was struck down by Zeus fearing Asclepius would transform all of mankind into immortals with his healing powers.

In the 19th Century the snake or serpent ring was very popular with ladies who found the style enticingly pleasing. The snake rings could be worn in conjunction with a serpent styled bangle, broach or hatpin. As well as diamond snake rings were embedded with rubies, sapphires and many other kinds of gemstones. The Victorians were heavily influenced by treasures gathered in Roman and Greek times. The replicated many of the nuances and were fascinated by their intricate distinctions. The popularity of the ring reached fever pitch when Queen Victoria herself chose the design of a gold sinuous snake, which was meant to give good luck.

Typically diamond snake rings would not be purchased as a wedding or engagement ring unless the future husband was absolutely sure his intended bride would approve. Diamond snake rings are not suited for everyones tastes and a surprise proposal would backfire horribly if the bride were expecting a more traditional style.

The snake ring is best given as a symbolic gesture of good fortune, good health, and as a loving gift to a partner where the ring is a protective charm and represents the union of the couple and their eternal and never ending love for one another.

Vicki Churchill writes for several sites including two sites that specialize in Diamond Rings and Diamond Snake Rings including how, where & what to buy.

Princess Diamond Snake
Princess Diamond Snake
Princess Diamond Snake

Princess Diamond Vintage

Princess Diamond Vintage

How do I best sell my vintage diamonds is a question often asked. You have a number of choices when it comes to selling diamond jewelery.

There are a number of points to selling diamonds that one needs to know.

Firstly that one never gets the full value of a diamond when selling it. There is a big mark up on diamonds and if you sell one the dealer or person you are selling to (unless it is a private sale to an individual) will also want to make some money when they on sell it, usually to another dealer.

So it is likely, if sold to a dealer, that you will get around one third of the retail value of the diamond. Selling to a dealer is the quickest option of course. The dealer will pay you up front their price for the diamond. You will get the least amount of money however.

Selling by auction of course may net you more but, by virtue of it being an auction and subject the bidding at that time, you may even get less. One can sell through an auction house such as SothebyÂ’s and this may be the best way to go, particularly if the diamond or diamond jewelry is of a high value. It will cost around 10 to 20% but they do work to get the best price on the day.

One can also sell by online auction. Here you need to establish the genuineness of the buyer to ensure that, a) they are a genuine buyer and not just bidding for fun and b) that they are actually going to pay for the diamond. It can be tricky also as the buyer has to buy the diamond without seeing it. This means that if they are unsatisfied they can return it or complain so your description online has to be scrupulously accurate.

Selling to a private individual can net a better result financially. The individual can inspect the diamond and see if it is what they want. This way can take longer and is perhaps more suitable if you are not in any hurry.

It helps, in any sale, if you have a certificate of appraisal or a valuation of the diamond (Really no one should buy a diamond without a certificate accompanying that diamond). In fact it would be good to have two independent valuations and you can keep the diamond in a bank vault or with a trusted person perhaps so that it can be inspected without being removed until the actual sale takes place. Especially if it is a large and high value diamond.

Another method of selling diamonds is by consignment. You simply hand the diamond over the a dealer or jeweler and get them to sell it for you at an agreed price. You can get more this way and of course will have to pay the dealer but, again, it can take some time this way. Also you need to have a good record of your diamond as some dealers have been known to swap them for a lower value one.

There may be other ways of selling vintage diamonds but the above is a good guideline to start with. for further information go to http://priceofdiamonds.org.

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Princess Diamond Vintage
Princess Diamond Vintage
Princess Diamond Vintage