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Natural Diamond Aaa

Natural Diamond Aaa

Unlike other precious stones and gems that are mined, cleaned and polished for use in all kinds of jewelry, pearls are indeed natural gems – a true and wonderful gift from nature. Even sparkling diamonds are the result of great workmanship of artisans who try to bring the best possible cut and shapes. These beautiful bounties from nature need no or little human help. Mother nature has given the oysters its internal body mechanism to produce the lustrous ones in white, black, gray and golden colors.

How the pearls are formed?

These are actually formed when a small object becomes trapped inside the folds of the mantle, which is the fleshy skin that is located on the inside of the mollusk. A true one is actually created when they are found in two different groups of mollusks, which are bivalves and clams. While any mollusk is capable of creating those types that are sought by consumers for use in jewelry and come from the pearl oysters, river mussels, and fresh water mussels.

This beauty has been around for a long time and they are still just as beautiful and sought after today as they ever were. Improved culturing technology will only continue to make them even more beautiful. These natural gems commonly worn by women as necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets.

Types of Pearls:

- Freshwater Pearls

- Akoya Seawater Pearls

- Tahitian Pearls

- South Sea Pearls

The most affordable are freshwater ones but many pearl jewelry lovers go for akoya types for its sheer white color brilliance and thick high nacre. All these types are cultural ones and natural ones are rarity now.

Quality of Pearls:

They are graded from A to AAA based on various factors such as color, shape, size, nacre and type. The top quality AAA pearls always command higher prices, as they are top of the line quality gems.

But the quality pearls and pearl jewelry you like and admire most.

Trusted Source For Quality Pearls: http://www.pearlprincess.com/

Natural Diamond Aaa
Natural Diamond Aaa
Natural Diamond Aaa

Princess Natural Diamond

Princess Natural Diamond
What do you think of man made diamonds compared to natural ones?

Thinking of buying an engagement ring. Have been looking at rings around the 20 grand mark. (1.5 carat princess cut) I have also looked at Secrets Diamonds and I really cant tell the difference. Except, those ones are around 1 thousand. What are your thoughts?

If the cost of a natural diamond reflected their rareness they would be one of the cheapest gemstones out there…the ONLY reason they cost so much is because one diamond cartel, De Beer’s, has a monopoly on all jewelry quality diamonds, their ‘diamonds are for ever’ campaign has cleverly brainwashed people into thinking a ‘real’ diamond is a must, so they’ve created the demand and can ask out rageous prices…..

If you can save money and not fall into the obvious trap with a lab-created gemstone…go for it.The only differences are…lab created are perfect, natural are not……….lab created does not destroy people and places with mining.

I don’t like natural emeralds…cloudy & full of inclusions…..lab created? I drool over their crystal clear deep green perfection…and physically they are identical to natural emeralds.

Ditto on all lab created gems.

Save your money, Hon…and KUDOS for being smart!

Princess Natural Diamond
Princess Natural Diamond
Princess Natural Diamond

Diamond Natural Princess

Diamond Natural Princess
Is the diamond real?

Ebay has a REALLY cheap ring and this is the info they give, does this mean it’s real?? And how much do you think it is worth??

Item Specifics – Item Condition
Condition: New

Item Specifics – Diamond Solitaire Rings
Stone Shape: Square, Princess Certification/Grading: GIA
Stone Origin & Treatment: Natural Metal: Gold-White
Carat Total Weight (Range): 1 ctw (0.90 – 1.39) Metal Purity: 18k
Exact Carat Total Weight: 1.01 carat Ring Size: 5.5
Clarity: VS1 – VS2 Condition: New
Color: G

Type : Natural Diamonds Shape : Square Princess
Size : 6 Metal : 18K Gold
Diamond Color : G Diamond Clarity : VS1
Ring Style : Solitaira

You can’t tell, the only way you can REALLY tell is to wreck the ring. But hey if you walked around saying it’s real who is to know?

Diamond Natural Princess
Diamond Natural Princess
Diamond Natural Princess

Natural Princess Diamond

Natural Princess Diamond
Cultured diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds??

Here’s situation – I’m thinking about proposing to my g/f sometime in the begining of next year. So recently I’ve been looking around at engagement rings. I’ve researched alot and got my knowledge on the subject down.

So the question is….
LADIES: Would you feel like a guy is “cheating” or being cheap to get a cultured diamond? or would you still love it?

GUYS: Should I even tell her it’s a cultured diamond in the first place or just keep it to myself??

I want some feedback b/c I want her to be as happy as possible. I’m really not trying to be cheap but I’d like to get her the best diamond ring I can. If I go with a natural diamond it would be a princess cut 3 stone1.5 ct tw or cultured diamond being more like 2-2.5 ct tw. My budget is around 7k but I’d go as high as 9k if I find something extremely nice.


Don’t lie! You don’t have to come out and tell her it’s cultured, and cheaper, right off the bat, but if she asks (which I find a little bit rude, and I never thought to ask, nor will I even bother) then tell her the truth…
I wouldn’t mind. I would actually preffer it to be cultured… No blood on my hands.
That’s a really big budget, IMO, for an engagement ring. Are you sure she would like you to spend that much money on a piece of jewlery? (I almost killed my husband, when I found out he spent over 2K on mine!) But that’s just me.

Natural Princess Diamond
Natural Princess Diamond
Natural Princess Diamond