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Mix Side Diamond

Mix Side Diamond
How do I know if my diamond ring is real, besides the obvious take it to the pawn shop or a jeweler??

We went shopping at Zales, and I picked out the one I wanted, it was $14,000. I turned away for a few minutes still browsing and a few weeks later, he gave me a ring… sweet, huh… but the metal in some places looks tarnished, which i think he may have done to fake people out cause $14,000 is a freakin lot of money for a ring, even I know that….. so the ring has one BIG stone in the middle two smaller on each side of the big one, and yet two smaller still ,,so two small two medium and one big one… he told me tho that a diamond doesn’t sparkle in rainbow colors… but my bro said it looks real and he bought his wife a diamond ring. i have gotten lots of mixed opinions about it, and people actually say it seems real, im dying to know the truth!

Hold it to your mouth and breathe on it like you’re trying to steam it up. If it doesn’t steam, it’s real. If it holds the steam…it’s not.

The best way though, is to take it to a real jeweler. Just walk in and ask them to look at it and tell you. You won’t be charged because you’re not trying to have it appraised…you just want to know if it’s real or not.

Even if it isn’t real…just keep in mind that he got the ring for you because he was trying to make you happy. Not everyone can afford a ring that expensive…but it sounds his heart was in the right place whether the stone is real or not.

Mix Side Diamond
Mix Side Diamond
Mix Side Diamond

Real Diamond Ruby

Real Diamond Ruby
can you grow real diamond crystals, ruby, etc. at this website?



I’m afraid not. These kits just have water soluble chemicals which, when setup properly in the experiment, will grow nice looking single crystals from solution. They are not real gemstones. But they are neat to try, and a good way to get kids interested in the natural sciences.

Real Diamond Ruby
Real Diamond Ruby
Real Diamond Ruby

Gold Diamond Trio

Gold Diamond Trio

Jewelry and accessories are the finishing touch to any outfit, without them one senses something is missing.

There are certain jewelry pieces that are essential to every woman’s wardrobe, the must haves to make it almost effortless to complete any outfit.

The following are a list of essential jewelry pieces every woman should have:

I. A Statement Watch:

With the proliferation of technology in terms of hand held devises (mobile phones, Blackberry/Trio Palm etc.) we have no real need for a watch, which is why watches have become even more like a piece of jewelry.

Look for a beautiful and unique handcrafted or artisan jewelry style watch that reflect your personality.

II. A Classic Necklace:

It doesn’t have to be a string of pearls, if you don’t love pearls, find another classic looking material that you do love. It could be a sterling silver or gold link necklace or a string of semi precious stones.

III. A Cocktail Ring

If it works for you go with a bolder statement ring, if you are more subtle tone down of the size but not the style.

In terms of bold, chunky with a large size stone (imitation or genuine) can be a perfect complement to a little black dress.

For a more subtle look but still stylish choose a band that has intricate detailing on it so the focus is on the detail not the size.

IV. An Elegant Bracelet or Bangle

Whether it is a tennis bracelet, a link bracelet, a strand of semi precious stones or an elegant bangle, having one of these makes it a simple elegant way to complete an outfit.

V. Two Pair of Earrings

If you wear earrings it’s a good idea to have a bolder loop or dangling style and a more classic set such as pearls or diamonds (or imitation diamond).

In many cases the style of earrings, or the choice to wear them will depend on your hairstyle and your facial features/proportions.

If you wear your hair up or behind the ears, the earrings will be visible, if not you may want to skip the earrings and opt for a statement necklace as the focal point.

VI. A Piece with Meaning:

This could be a family piece or a piece you picked up on your travels, a keepsake that you can pass on and share its story.

VII. A Couple of Pure Fun Pieces:

Have a few fun or trendy pieces that reflect the current season and trends. These can be paired with a casual outfit to help you feel fun and contemporary.

The above are suggested pieces to have in your jewelry box, but they’re a guideline rather than hard and fast rules. There is a lot more flexibility now in making a statement that reflects individuality rather than “playing by the rules”. So if you don’t like to wear earrings don’t feel obligated to have earrings in your collection. If you hate pearls, opt for another stone that you do love.

For the classic pieces invest in quality. In the long run this will save money as you will have a classic piece that will look fabulous for years and you won’t have to keep buying new jewelry every year.

Consider buying artisan jewelry or handcrafted jewelry, these pieces create a more personal statement rather than mass produced pieces and will be pieces you will cherish for years to come.

As the eco and social conscious buying trends build momentum you may also consider buying recycled jewelry and fair trade jewelry. You’ll feel great wearing the jewelry and won’t have a guilty conscious.

Take care of your jewelry with proper storage and being careful not to spray it with perfume or lotions or bang them while wearing.

Have fun and wear your jewelry with love and pride.

Patricia Pinkney is a world traveler and entrepreneur, she spent two years in Paris, France and recently launched Pangea Collection to share her passion for travel, people, culture and artisan jewelry. To read more about Patricia or to view her ecommerce website visit: http://www.pangea-collection.com

Gold Diamond Trio
Gold Diamond Trio
Gold Diamond Trio