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Ideal Diamond Solitaire

Ideal Diamond Solitaire

A freshwater pearl necklace is a beautiful, meaningful, and thoughtful gift that you can give to the most special woman in your life. Whether itÂ’s your wife, mother, or sister, she will surely appreciate having a freshwater pearl necklace from you.

What are Freshwater Pearls?

Before we proceed to discussing the mechanics of buying freshwater pearl necklaces, itÂ’s important that you know what freshwater pearls are first and be able to distinguish them from other types of pearls.

Freshwater pearls have been cultivated, cultured, or found in freshwater as opposed to saltwater pearls which have been harvested from seas and oceans. Freshwater pearls can be naturally processed with or without human intervention. Without human interference, pearl divers will have to search for mollusks or oysters where a foreign object has incidentally found its way inside and has been encrusted with layers of nacre, the ingredient mainly responsible for the unique luster of pearls.

With human intervention, pearl divers will insert organ tissue material into another mollusk to generate nacre production. They will also carefully monitor all factors that could affect the growth of pearls to ensure that the end product will come out beautiful and evenly shaped.

How to Choose the Perfect Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Source – Freshwater pearls are produced in various parts of the world although the most famous come from Japan and China. The origin of freshwater pearl necklace can readily affect its price so consider purchasing freshwater pearl necklaces from less-known pearl manufacturers if you’re on a budget.

Size – Just like it is with all sorts of jewelry, the larger the size of the gem – or pearl, in this instance – the higher its value. Of course, larger pearls don’t automatically mean they make the perfect gift. Consider your recipient’s taste when selecting the appropriate size of freshwater pearls used in the necklace.

If your recipient haves fun when sheÂ’s the center of attention, sheÂ’ll definitely appreciate having large-sized freshwater pearls in her necklace. On the other hand, if your recipient is more appreciative of subtle beauty, sheÂ’ll probably be more inclined to choose a necklace that makes use of small to moderate sized freshwater pearls.

Shape – There are numerous pearls that are irregularly shaped because they have been allowed to grow without any external interference. It’s also more likely for saltwater mollusks to produce evenly shaped pearls than freshwater mollusks. If you’re after perfect and evenly shaped freshwater pearls, consider purchasing freshwater cultivated pearls.

Luster – Observe freshwater pearl necklaces in various lights to effectively compare its luster. Some freshwater pearls can glow only in certain types of light but noticeably dim in other types. The best pearls however will glow no matter what light you’re using to observe it with. Of course, the better the luster of freshwater pearls, the higher its value once more.

Skin – Just like any other gem, you should also consider the quality of the freshwater pearl necklace. Does it have any visible blemishes, scratches, or flaws? Since freshwater pearls are sensitive to damage, you might have a hard time looking for one that’s completely free from blemish.

Color – Lastly, consider the color and make sure that it complements the complexion of the recipient.

Beautiful Things Come from Beautifully Wrapped Packages

The presentation is almost as important as the gift itself because it shows that youÂ’ve given lots of thought to your gift. If you donÂ’t have any gift-wrapping skills (and most men donÂ’t so thereÂ’s no shame in admitting the same thing), consider asking a friend or even a professional to wrap it for you.

There are various designs of jewelry boxes for you to choose from, and some of them are extremely attractive to look at that covering it with gift wrapping paper is mostly unnecessary. A gift ribbon could add a nice embellishment.

If you choose a simple jewelry box then yes, youÂ’ll still need to cover it with gift wrapping paper. As freshwater pearl necklaces are no ordinary gift, make sure that you choose something extra special like glossy paper or silk for the packaging.

In the end, you should always base your buying decision on how much money youÂ’re willing to spend for your very special gift and what preferences you perceive your recipient has when it comes to freshwater pearl necklaces.

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Ideal Diamond Solitaire
Ideal Diamond Solitaire
Ideal Diamond Solitaire