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Glitter Tattoo Ink

Glitter Tattoo Ink
has anyone heard of glitter tattoo ink?

I heard something about glitter tattoo ink, has anyone else? Do all tattoo parlours have this now? Thanks!
I heard someone say they were talking about it on LA Ink.

Uh, no.
Tattoo ink is injected into your second layer of skin, so even if there was glitter in it, it wouldn’t show up or sparkle. There are none I’ve heard of that are remotely safe.

But an experienced tattoo artist can create the effect of glitter, sort of.
Or you can just stick body glitter on it every day.

Glitter Tattoo Ink
Glitter Tattoo Ink
Glitter Tattoo Ink

Rhinestone Bead Trim

Rhinestone Bead Trim

One thing is clear – this year the promise of spring time renewal doesn’t just stop with Mother Nature as 2009′s footwear trends top the charts in explosions of color and expressions of individuality. If fashion follows a circle, then it must streak along more like a corkscrew roller coaster. This is a great time to jump on board. We’re excited to report that the styles and colors this time around are hot, and who knows when it will come around like this again?


Bold, bright and beautiful, we will see purple (a carryover from fall and winter), lavender, grays, pinks from blush to fuchsia, metallic, red and orange. Neons, all the rage last spring, are reduced to accent colors this season. The first great thing about shoes is color. Color which typically doesn’t flatter you can do very well on your feet, especially by allowing you to play with color complements. For example, if orange doesn’t enhance your complexion try coordinating pair of juicy orange shoes with a navy blue ensemble.

The Basics

Each year a core set of basic women’s shoe styles seem to reincarnate into some higher form from the year before. This time around we’ll see enhanced flats, wedges, gladiators/huaraches, high heels and platforms, all favorites from a year ago.

• Yes, you heard right, ballet flats…again! This spring we’ll see them sporting slightly pointer toes, mini-wedge heels, and in different colors and fabrics, breaking out of plain old black satin. Look for more bows on the vamp too, as well as other embellishments that one can tastefully place anywhere on this small shoe. Flats look best with pencil skirts, skinny cropped pants or straight boot-cut slacks. These clothing choices tend to lengthen the body, which you’ll need when forgoing the heel.

• Wedges remain more popular than ever. This year they’ll be reaching for even higher heights in hot, elongating hyper-cosmopolitan styles. You can wear wedges with virtually anything and look twice as good (one exception to avoid…mini-skirts).

• Gladiator sandals, buoyed by the moment of their huge splash on the fashion world last year, are back strong. Gladiators will continue to stun us with an array of sexy designs to choose from, made even spicier in this year’s bold colors. This year designers will go a step further by blurring the line between a gladiator and a huarache, combining elements of both in one shoe. The resulting hybrids sizzle, elevating their status to permanent wardrobe staple. What looks best with a pair of gladiators depends on the color and style you choose. For example, brown leather gladiator sandals look best against white jeans or with a white dress. The more feminine variety are perfect for cocktail parties at the pool and look great in togas, smocks, shorts, and jeans. Embellished or metallic gladiators are great for indoor events like the theatre, dinner or the club. Dolce Vita, Marc Jacobs, Nine West, and Ralph Lauren are just some of the popular shoe designers coming out with hot gladiator sandals this season.

• Sky high heels are back. Where do you wear them? Wear them out to dinner and a movie or other event where you are sitting most of the evening.

Klink, Clang, Bling!

A walk on the highly ornate side occurred last year and the momentum is still going strong in 2009. New materials, boldly colored skins, unusual details in unusual places – you’ll be surprised at what designers are sticking on shoes and how it all will keep you a fashion step ahead of the crowd.

• Chains, buckles, studs, zippers, eye catching grommets, spikes, and more will continue to embellish spring styles in 2009 continuing the influence of gothic, fetish look popular on models last summer. Shoes not truly classified as fetish will even lean toward a more fetish look by sporting thick wrap- around ankle straps, large ties, and ankle bands that look more like dog collars. Notable brands in this category include Barret, A. Wang, Rodarte (a favorite of Rihanna’s) and Kenzo.

• A strong carry over from fall and winter boots is fringe. Spring and summer will see lighter versions of fringe from high heeled stilettos to sandals and flats. Hottest will be authentic leather fringe in beige, tan or camel colors, like those available from Gucci, Balmain, Dolce Vita, and Sergio Rossi. This season, think Wild, Wild West.

• Designers are able to achieve a rich multitude of sexy designs by zapping away entire sections of the shoes and shoe-booties we enjoyed so much this past fall and winter. Laser cutout shoes and booties caught on last summer and will continue strong into spring and summer this year to be seen on pumps, sandals, shoe-boots, stilettos, peep toes and more. See a sampling of the array of designs possible at All Women Talk.

• Reptilian leather skins are coming back as strong as ever, this time in new contortions, rainbow colors, and 3D effects so startling you’ll do a double take. At this rate it won’t be long before you carry snake antidote just to be safe! Real or not, stick with designer quality and avoid cheap imitations. Look to Michael Kors, Guess’s Carrieann style, Edelman, Dior, Via Spiga, and Tuleh for inspiration.

• If the devil is in the details, then our shoes are about get smokin’ hot. Adorned with detailing like braids, beading, rhinestones, gems, piping, elaborate stitching, rhinestones, die-cuts, and gems, this season’s shoes will be sassy and pleasing to the eye. Donna Karan, Laundry, Baby Phat, Carlos Santana’s Roulette have what we’re talking about here.

• Feature heels deserve a category all their own. No more simply a supporting structure, heels are suddenly a fashion statement all on their own. Sassy and eye catching, these have to be seen to be believed. Check them out at fashionising.com.

The author is F Kapri of Venus Shoe, a unique online store specializing in sexy and exotic designer shoes and boots, and Fifi’s Lingerie, a sexy leather lingerie store for sexy men and women.

Rhinestone Bead Trim
Rhinestone Bead Trim
Rhinestone Bead Trim

Rhinestone Bead Applique

Rhinestone Bead Applique

Sometimes all you need to make a plain dress into an elegant fashion statement is to accessorize it with a stunning piece of jewelry. Even adding an inexpensive bit of sparkle to the neckline of a dress transforms it into an eye catching outfit. So, pull out that simple little black dress and make it perfect for your holiday or special celebration party with stunning jewelry.

Another trick when you want a handbag worthy of taking to the party, but need it to carry more than a clutch can handle, try a small tote bag made in a luxurious, but washable fabric. Those sparkling styles that come in metallic colors are often classy and go with everything from basic black to the classic reds and greens of the holiday colors.

When the occasion calls for a more eye-catching bag, go for a beaded look. You can even save on the cost of a ready-made beaded bag when you purchase an inexpensive solid color clutch bag. Make sure it is in fabric or leather, then carefully glue an assortment of beads or rhinestones on it.

The beads and rhinestones can be found at any fabric outlet, or a general bead store. Or, if you are handy with a needle, there are lots of beaded appliques already made that can either be gently sewn on or glued to the bag. And, as I think of it, a ready-made, beaded applique can also be sewn, not glued, for easy removal, to the shoulder of your little black dress. Makes for quite an elegant and unique touch!

Pulling together another elegant outfit that works beautifully for a holiday look is to dress up a pair of black pants by pairing them with a colorful satin or glossy silk blouse. Adding a glittery necklace or a jeweled belt at the waist makes a look that is totally attractive. This look can serve you well into the New Year and after for any special occasion.

A plain sleeveless tunic worn with high-heeled sandals and a jeweled handbag will command attention. Or, pair a colorful tunic with glittery jewelry, skinny black pants, and high-heeled boots for a trendy holiday look for your office party or a special social event.

For a more glamorous look, try a long, full length classy hip hugging skirt, and pair it with a beaded top, or a lacy camisole, or a sleeveless satin blouse and a long chiffon scarf wrap. Wear either look with or without sparkling jewelry, or with just a wide gold or silver bracelet.

Now more than ever, the economy is calling for a tightening of your budget. Keeping a few classic pieces in your closet is a smart move, and you will not go wrong. Think plain and simple. Add accessories to make them elegant, and your little black dress becomes chic and perfect.

When you purchase a few the classics, they can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Buy pieces that are well-made and in good fabrics. They will always feel better when you wear them, and look better on you. Look for fabrics in lightweight wool gabardine, silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, and textured man-made fibers. Before walking out the store, go the extra mile and make sure each item fits. If something needs to be altered, have them professionally tailored. Your money will be well spent.

When adjusting your budget to meet hard times today, classics are a good bet. They will last you through many times of wear and you will not have to shop as often for an item to wear for the holidays, or for a single evening. Just by adding a scarf or a layer of necklaces to a simple black dress or to a solid color suit, you express many different looks.

Classics are a must for any closet. A few of the tried and true classics that may make up any wardrobe include,

1. The little Black Dress — High praise for this one that can go from the office to a cocktail party.

2. A three-Piece Suit — Make it a jacket, skirt and pants in a solid color.

3. A Navy Blazer –This one makes an impression.

4. A long sleeve White Shirt with or without buttoned cuffs — very versatile.

5. An All-Weather Coat – Takes you from warm and sunny to cool and rainy days.

6. Jeans — Go for the classy, well fitting, and keep them clean and pressed.

7. Formal Wear — Dramatic coordinates can be mixed and matched to make several different outfits.

No matter what you decide to wear or put together, make sure your attitude is positive and your spiritual gratitude is in harmony with your look. Inner beauty and elegance shines through and is more appealing than anything you may wear. Pay special attention to your health, fitness and grooming. You will not only feel and look great, you will be elegant. Have a Happy Holiday and more!

Gerri D Smith apparel designer and creative writer wishes you love, beauty and wellness. You are unique and must be treated with all the individual attention you deserve. Pick up your Free Gift when you visit, http://www.distinctive-elegance.com Visit, http://www.distinctive-elegance.com

Rhinestone Bead Applique
Rhinestone Bead Applique
Rhinestone Bead Applique

Austrian Crystal Pearl

Austrian Crystal Pearl

I invite you to explore the world of beading with me. Perhaps you want a custom piece designed or are trying to explain to someone what sort of beads or style of that special piece you are looking for and do not know the terms, or what you are trying to say. It can be very frustrating at times, and here are some helpful hints!

The beading world is no secret, but like any other craft or special trade, it has a lingo in a class by itself. The first thing that most of you should know is that beads mostly are described, ordered, and talked about in millimeters. Do you all remember math? There are a multitude of beads, and most of them start at 2mm and can proceed up to 14mm. Some places offer charts to show you the actual size of the beads in millimeters. The most popular terms you will hear are 4mm, 6mm and 8mm for Pearls and Crystals in Beading. Of course there are many sizes of beads that are much larger in millimeters, circular, rectangular, octagon, and well you get the picture.

Another important material that is used for most custom made handcrafted Bridal jewelry, is the famous Austrian crystal house, Swarovski. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Swarovski name, and through the company’s ever changing designs, out came Swarovski crystal beads, which come in an endless array of shapes and colors. The most popular Swarovski beads you will see quite often in custom designs or Bridal jewelry and accessories are the bicones. They come in many sizes that start at 3mm for the most part and end usually at 12mm or 14mm. They are shaped like a short cone on both sides, and have faceted cuts to catch the light and sparkle like no other. They come in many different colors, but the most popular are the Crystal Clear Color and the Crystal AB color. The Crystal Color in the bicone is clear, yet still catches the light beautifully, the Crystal AB color, shimmers almost with a blue reflective coating, that catches all the colors from the light, and has even more pronounced sparkle to it. There is the great mystery revealed about the two differences in the crystals termed AB and non AB.

Another type of Swarovski bead that is quite common is the Swarovski Pearl. These also come in many sizes and shapes like it’s counterpart, the bicone crystals. However, it is a type of glass that has a scratch resistant coating, and does not color bleed on your skin, with perfumes, or oils. This is an excellent material choice for many handcrafted Bridal or special occasion pieces to stand the test if time and wear. These crystals are extremely hard, and can take a lot of abuse, but are beautiful to wear. I am a big fan of Swarovski as their product is just beautiful and the sparkle that emulates when the light captures it is just stunning! Most beaders who use them will agree that they are of a superb quality to work with and create fabulous jewelry. Of course, the ever popular Mother of all pearls, freshwater pearl, which are also available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, is a fine material to work with.

Of course there are many other popular beads you will see in crafting supply shops, flea markets and from online suppliers around the world, such as Czech glass beads which are also beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes. The varieties of beading materials is staggering. One only needs to explore the possibilities!

We have barely scratched the surface with the many terms and varieties of beading materials, but I hope I have started you on a journey to discovering a new world of designing and creating beautiful jewelry and accessories with endless choices for whatever your special occasion!

Bio: Cheri Kadivnik has been a Bridal Jewelry and Accessory designer for over 10 years. Her creations have been featured at many national Bridal fashion shows and she currently writes helpful articles for Brides on many Wedding website guides. She currently owns and operates an online boutique at http://www.eleganzbycheri.com, where one may see her exquisite designs and gather expert advice on selecting the perfect jewelry set, Tiara or Headpiece for their special day.

Austrian Crystal Pearl
Austrian Crystal Pearl
Austrian Crystal Pearl