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Gold Diamond Square

Gold Diamond Square
What does 373 stamped on gold jewellry mean?

I just got a pair of earrings that have a hallmark that is too small to read and the number 373 stamped on the studs. They are gold with a square diamond-like stone under a white gold bow. I say “diamond-like” as I don’t for a moment believe they are real diamonds. They are from Fraser Hart jewellers in England. Any help would be appreciated.

If you look closer, it should read .375

The standards of fineness are:

Metal: Compulsory Mark
9ct gold 375
14ct gold 585
18ct gold 750
22ct gold 916
99% pure gold 990
99.9% pure gold 999
800 grade silver 800
sterling silver 925
Britannia Silver 958
99.9% pure silver 999
85% Platinum 850
90% Platinum 900
95% (UK standard) Platinum 950
99.9% pure Platinum 999

Gold Diamond Square
Gold Diamond Square
Gold Diamond Square

Square Diamond Engagement

Square Diamond Engagement
Dream interpretation needed – engagement ring w. diamond falling out?

I had the strangest dream, I could do with a little help interpreting it. I’ve been married 5 years this year. Last night I dreamt that when we got engaged we’d got a ring but I’d lost it (that never happened). I found it in a slipper and was really excited, I started wearing it with my wedding and other engagement ring. But the stones (blue square ones and round diamonds) kept falling out. My husband and I were very upset about it (in the dream) and kept trying to find them and put them back in.

I’m worried about what this dream could mean, can anyone help?


Dream interpretations always have to be based in a personal context. You need to think about what happened to you, why the ring might be showing up now, and what the stones mean. Have you recently found something? Has something changed in your marriage? Are you thinking of having a baby? Is there some potential risk to you and your husband that you’re worrying about?

I also would point out that even though what happened in the dream was upsetting, your husband and you were working together to try to find them That seems to suggest that you and your husband are close and work as a team.

I suggest that you spend a little time pondering what the dream might mean. Perhaps something will suggest itself to you, and you’ll realize what the underlying meaning is.


Square Diamond Engagement
Square Diamond Engagement
Square Diamond Engagement