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Swarovski Crystal Hoop

Swarovski Crystal Hoop

Each year, on fashion runways from New York to Paris, Milan, and Toyko, sterling silver is “new again” as designers interpret it in new and exciting ways. What makes sterling silver a fashion perennial? The answer is clear: when it comes to beauty, versatility, durability, and affordability, sterling silver jewelry is unsurpassed.

In the hands of talented artists and designers, sterling silver is constantly “reinvented” to suit the evolving tastes of the women who wear it. But whether as a ring, a necklace, or bracelet, standing alone or presented in combination with gemstones and other precious metalsÂ…sterling silver is always in fashion.

Here’s a look at what’s “hot” this year:

Peace of Silver

In 2004, many Oscar presenters and recipients wore gracefully and simply designed “Dove of Peace.” pin. Embraced by such Hollywood luminaries as Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Drew Barrymore, and Leonardo DiCaprio, it has also been seen on the Dali Lama and Nobel Peace Laureates Oscar Aria Sanchez, Betty Williams, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, and former UN Assistant Secretary-General Gillian Sorrensom.

Now non-celebrities may purchase the pin in sterling silver pin to demonstrate both their commitment to peace and their fashion sense. The 2005 sterling silver interpretation was designed by award-winning American jewelry artist Henry Dunay to resonate the energy of Picasso’s “Dove Of Peace.”

Silver Screen

With the enormous popularity of the “Lord of the Rings” series, it comes as no surprise that designers have created jewelry based on the elaborately crafted pieces in the films. Based on the actual pendant worn in the Lord of the Rings film, the Arwen Evenstar Pendant is crafted in sterling silver and comes in a wooden gift box. Measuring 2-1/2 inches in length with a 18″ sterling silver chain and a Swarovski crystal stone, each piece is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, adding long-term value to its other charms.

Works Like A Charm

Charm bracelets are both wonderfully retro and extremely cutting edge. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Avril Levigne, Hilary Duff, and other high-visibility high-fashion celebrities are wrapping their wrists in silver bracelets with the hip L.A. brand “Eldorado Club.”

The “Girlie Charm Bracelet” is adorned with charming femme-friendly charms including a cat, a cocktail glass, and a kitty.

Sterling Silver – Always In Style for Your 25th Anniversary

No matter what list you consult — traditional, modern or the now popular “ultra-modern” (which includes items like clocks and appliances) — silver is the 21st Century gift of choice for a 25th wedding anniversary. Whether it’s silver’s durability, its strength, its flexibility or its unparalleled beauty, sterling silver is an exquisite memento of 25 years of loving commitment between a couple.

Topping the list of this year’s “What’s Hot” in silver wedding anniversary gifts, women say they want charm bracelets, hoop earrings, and hair ornaments. For wives who would like to present their husbands with sterling silver tokens, the “top of the charts” picks are cufflinks, tie clips, money clips, neck chains, and I.D. bracelets.

But #1 for him AND her — a classic sterling silver Tiffany keyring.

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Swarovski Crystal Hoop
Swarovski Crystal Hoop
Swarovski Crystal Hoop

Crystal Hoop Dangle

Crystal Hoop Dangle

Because I am an expert jewelry designer and marketer, I am approached often by my clients about making earrings. Whether you want to make a pair for yourself to match that perfect outfit, as a gift for a friend or to sell at a craft show – Whatever the case may be, here are a few simple steps on making earrings.

Step 1 – Pick out the Findings

What component would you like to use? There are hoops, studs, hook earwires, threads and even clip ons. I would recommend going to your local craft or bead store, or even a large chain like Michaels for the materials. Or if you are an online enthusiast I would HIGHLY recommend the online wholesaler Firemountain Gems as they have loads of decorative earring components that are inexpensive. If you are having trouble deciding what style you want to make, I would look through a magazine or catalogue or find a pair that you have in your jewelry box to model your pair after.

Step 2 – Make sure you have the supplies.

-2 pairs of round nose pliers (I use 2 pairs simultaneously but you can also substitute tweezers)

-2 Head pins (Eye pins will work if you want to make an extra fancy drop on the bottom. The headpins are also available decorated)

-A few jumprings depending on how long you want them to dangle

-Some crystals / gemstones / beads / charms (This is where you can be very creative and chose the style and color you are looking for)

Step 3 – Chose the Style Earring

Decorated Hoop

For a first timer, I would chose the simplest which would be a decorated hoop. You can purchase the sterling or silver plated hoop in the size you want, and then just bead the gemstones, pearls or crystals on the hoop. Once you are finished, you just take the round nosed pliers and bend the clasp to secure the beads from sliding off.

Hoop with Charm

Follow the instructions above, but you can add a charm in the middle. If the charm does not have a ring, just use a jumpring to attach it to the hoop.

Hook Earwire with Basic Charm

This is another VERY simple earring. All you have to do is chose a small charm (you can use a stone, a charm, a crystal whatever you like). If the charm has a ring or bale, you just hook it to the earwire. If it does not, you will need to add a jump ring to attach the two findings.

Hook Earwire with a Decorated Dangle

I prefer this style as it always fits someone’s ear. With studs, you risk the chance of the post being too short.

If you use a hook earwire, you have a couple options to work with. You can use a headpin (decorative ones look best) and you can bead the crystals, spacers, whatever along the headpin. Make sure you leave enough room at the top of the headpin to attach it to the ring at the bottom of the ear wire. Once you have decorated the headpin with the design you like, then use the pliers and bend the top piece into a loop and attach it to the earwire.

Basic Stud with Drop

This one is very simple as well because you can buy the stud already made with the ring along the bottom to attach the charm, crystal or headpin. Just make sure you purchase the stud with the built in jumpring and the drop (crystal recommended) has a hoop/bale at the top that can be attached with pliers or tweezers.


Ok so this one is a bit trickier and you may want to try the basic ones first before attempting the chandelier but with some practice, you will be on your way and it can look very expensive. All you need to do is purchase the findings of the chandelier earring that already has the rings along the bottom. Then you take your jumpring and attach the crystals, pearls or gemstones to each individual ring making it a chandlier. You can also get very creative and multi layer the piece creating an even more dramatic chandelier.

I hope you find these simple steps helpful and I wish you luck in designing your earrings!

For more jewelry tips please visit my website below.

My name is Kameron Kay, marketing expert and jewelry designer. Please visit my newly released Jewelry Selling Secrets ebook and audio program at: http://www.kameronkay.com

Crystal Hoop Dangle
Crystal Hoop Dangle
Crystal Hoop Dangle

Crystal Hoop Earrings

Crystal Hoop Earrings
Where can I buy small hoop earrings?

Like normal hoops but really small. I want really basic ones. I don’t want rhinestones or crystals, beads, ect. I don’t want the hoops to be like flat or anything. Just round and small.
Here’s an example:


I live in Canada.

it depends on where you live and what stores you have around there but i will tell you some i know about..you could try clairs or ardenes or you could surf the internet for some.

Crystal Hoop Earrings
Crystal Hoop Earrings
Crystal Hoop Earrings

Sparkling Swarovski Crystal

Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
Swarovski crystal engagement ring?

Im shoping for an engagement ring and im concerned about the cost for my boyfriend. I want to get a swarovski crystal ring bcuz i love how much they sparkle. Is that a stupid idea and do they break easily? Will everyone know it is fake? What you think?

well, if you love him, does the ring really matter? :]

Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
Sparkling Swarovski Crystal
Sparkling Swarovski Crystal