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Topaz Austrian Crystal

Topaz Austrian Crystal

If you’re in the market for a pendant or necklace, there are almost infinite varieties, shapes, and sizes to choose from. Whether it’s a circle of life diamond pendant or black pearl necklace, they are a great treat or gift to give on birthdays and holidays. Here are the top five choices people are making for necklaces and pendants.

· A sterling silver ID pendant that displays the recipient’s name in a readable script is popular. There are three Austrian crystals just below the name that match the birth stone color. It hangs on a neat diamond rolo chain.

· Once again, Austrian crystals adorn this gorgeous Heart’s Birthstone Necklace, complete with a dangling 10-inch chain that has interspersed spacer beads.

· Angel Birthstone Charms are a top-selling item and you have a choice again of Austrian crystal birthstone colors. Complete with 14-K gold plating, or you can add your own gold necklace chain, if you wish.

· The Sterling Silver Mother’s Birthstone Charm Pendant is popular and is meant, of course, for moms and grandmothers. It has an asymmetrical sterling heart, which makes a great gift for a loved one, personalized with their birthstone color. It comes complete with a 20-inch sterling silver chain.

· And finally the Birthstone Baby Bootie Charm is a wonderful necklace and is also a good choice for mothers or grandmothers who want to commemorate their children’s birth month in a unique way. A single gem sits in the opening of the shoe and the charm dangles by itself on a chain.

The floating heart diamond necklace is also immensely popular and is absolutely gorgeous! It comes with a stunning chain that adjusts from 16 to 18 inches and has a very sturdy lobster-claw clasp. The pendant is 1 ¼ inches by 1 ¼ inches and is a very thick piece. This is not a flimsy or cheap piece and is sold at auctions regularly. It is heavily layered in Rhodium to give you many years of carefree wear. A circle of life diamond pendant is the number-one selling pendant and comes complete with a two-carat diamond circle. It looks extremely elegant for almost any occasion. If you love to collect jewelry, it is a must-have item. The circle of diamonds consists of 25, round, cut stones totaling two carats and comes on an 18-inch chain.

Another fantastic piece of jewelry is the black pearl necklace. The Tahitian, black pearl necklace is commonly seen in shades of black and gray. Although it does have a black body color, it will vary in its overtones, which are sometimes green or pink. This popular necklace goes well with fair or light colored skin as the pink overtones blend well. Women with dark skin are those who will more easily find the cream or black overtones look best. The majority of black pearls for making a black pearl necklace come from French Polynesia. The French Polynesian government has set a minimum nacre thickness at 0.8 millimeters.

Anything less than that is not allowed to be sold on the market. Nacre is the crystalline, calcium substance that is secreted by the mollusk. It is a defense against foreign article intrusion into its body, and this is the shiny part of the pearl. The Tahitian black pearl necklace doesn’t come cheap and you’re going to end up paying a lot for this stunning piece of jewelry. Of course, only you know what you like best and even though I’ve listed the top five selling necklaces and pendants, it all boils down to your own personal choice. Whether it’s a circle of life diamond pendant or floating heart diamond necklace, jewelry will make you feel elegant and beautiful!

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Topaz Austrian Crystal
Topaz Austrian Crystal
Topaz Austrian Crystal

Fancy Cut Diamond

Fancy Cut Diamond
Does anyone know the ideal cut of a fancy yellow diamond. Is there a specfic table/depth #, to make it ideal?

Only round brilliant cuts have a strict cut grade system – the color does not matter when talking about Ideal cut. So if it’s any shape other then round brilliant, there is no ideal grading available.
In a round brilliant, the ideal proportions are:
Table diameter : 52.4 to 57.5%.
Total Depth : 59 – 61.8%
Crown Angle : 33.7 and 35.8% (perfect would be 34.5%)
Pavilion Angle : 40.6 – 40.9 degrees
Girdle : thin to meduim
Culet : pointy to very small

Hope this helps!

Fancy Cut Diamond
Fancy Cut Diamond
Fancy Cut Diamond

Swarovski Topaz Crystal

Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Are swarovski beads with birthstone colors really the birthstone?

For example, if i buy a topaz bicone swarovski bead, is the bead really made out of the stone topaz or is it just crystal in the color “topaz”?

Swarovski is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass. They are the most beautiful crystals in the world but they are manmade and dyed various colors.

There is no problem using a crystal dyed topaz for birthstone jewelry. Although they are dyed they still represent the month of November.

Purchasing the precious stone “topaz” can be very expensive so using a crystal dyed topaz is a great alternative.


The whole site is a free home based jewelry business and design tips. Hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create unique bead jewelry designs that will give you an edge in the market place. A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handmade bead jewelry.


Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Swarovski Topaz Crystal
Swarovski Topaz Crystal

Diamond Solid Gold

Diamond Solid Gold

It is no longer a dream to possess a wonderful piece of diamond jewelry because it is quite affordable nowadays. You can easily find fabulous designs at reasonable prices. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to buy exquisite pieces of gold jewelries. If you want your possessions to last for a lifetime, buy the highest quality gold that your budget can allow like 18K or 22K.

Solid gold jewelry is used to describe a jewelry that is all throughout gold like an 18K down to 10K. A 24K contains pure gold. 18K means 18 parts is gold and the other 6 parts is one or more additional metals. It is considered a 75% gold. 14K is 58.3% gold with 14 parts gold and 10 parts contains one or more additional metal. A 12K gold has a 50% gold content making it 12% gold alloyed with one or more additional metal. 10K gold is the lowest karat of gold in the United States with 10 parts gold and the other 14 parts of one or more additional metals. It has 41.7% gold content. When gold is combined with another metal, it is called an alloy. Some jewelries are gold filled or plated or gold washed. These are for everyday use, however, they can easily wear out because they are not durable and may cause skin allergies.

Whether you are buying a jewelry for yourself or for a gift to a loved one, it is a worthwhile step. Investing on gold jewelries is not a bad idea after all. It shows our innate appreciation of quality, elegance and beauty.

White gold jewelry has become popular usually elegantly combined with diamond. Although gold jewelries are patronized more because their higher resale value.

You may fancy to purchase an 18″ white gold necklace. with guaranteed genuine diamond white gold teardrop pendants to choose from. It’s an item that you would truly love to wear a sparkling pear shape diamond of E color and VS2 clarity. It’s no doubt a captivating valuable possession that suits any kind of occasion. It is perfect for anyone regardless of age and taste of a person. The teardrop pendant is an all time favorite design that has survived for centuries.

Avail of special offers that includes gemological appraisal for insurance with gift box packaging. It must be shipped with a reputable company like FedEx with insurance cover while it’s on shipment.

Some jewelry shops present a no risk purchase giving 30 days money back guarantee. This is an effective after sales service geared towards providing an excellent service to their clients. Some could commit deliver for two working days anywhere in the world. A considerable discount is given when they are on sale. Specialty jewelry stores present various fine jewelries that are in sync with the latest fashion and perfectly suit the complex taste of women. Designers work hard to achieve perfection in their work and come up with astounding designs that conform with the latest trend and at the same time timeless.

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Diamond Solid Gold
Diamond Solid Gold
Diamond Solid Gold

Gold Diamond Solid

Gold Diamond Solid

Youngsters yearn to look different. They follow all the fashion tips religiously to enhance their personality. It’s not just about the clothes but also about accessories. Labret jewellery is the in thing today. The youth is crazy about it. This kind of jewellery is available in various designs. You can choose the one that goes with your personality.

A labret is one form of body piercing. Labret jewellery is basically inserted into labret piercings, which are located in the centre of the lower lip. Generally, the term refers to a piercing that is below the bottom lip. It is also referred to as a “tongue pillar.” There are numerous labret jewellers available in the market. Jewellery designers can help you get the best type of labret jewellery designs. You can also look online for various kinds of labret jewellery designs. You can choose from a range of labrets. There are numerous shops offering a wide range of labrets. You can buy these jewelleries at discounted prices.

You are free to choose from a range of jewellery of body piercing, including solid gold navel jewellery, solid gold navel rings, yellow gold diamond nose ring, gold cock rings, jewelled navel slave rings, jewelled belly rings. Get it pierced from expert body piercing experts. You can lay your hands on the best quality jewellery. A shopper friendly approach can make your buying easier.

Another kind of jewellery, that is used often is eyebrow bar. This kind of bar is inserted in between the eyebrow. You can choose from a range of eyebrow jewellery by visiting body jewellery shops. Eyebrow piercing bars are available in straight and curved shafts in a variety of colours and styles. Enhance your features by using this kind of jewellery. You can also avail eyebrow retainers that can hide your eyebrow piercing when you don’t wish to show it off.

You can find all types of jewellery that can be worn in eyebrow piercings. Most jewellery types can be worn in Eyebrow piercings. BCR’s and Circular Barbells make great eyebrow rings. Barbells look extremely good as eyebrow bars. There are even specially designed eyebrow jewellery called eyebrow bananas which look in eyebrow piercings. Generally, most of the eyebrow piercings are 1.2mm thick. You can also chose from a range of surgical steel bars with plain balls and bars. There are many other suitable plain bars and BCR’s for eyebrow piercings. You can specify your needs and get the best eyebrow bar.

Sadhna D, Expert Author, Platinum author

Find out more about Labrets:


Check out for more information on Eyebrow jewellery:

Eyebrow bar

Gold Diamond Solid
Gold Diamond Solid
Gold Diamond Solid

Natural Diamond Solid

Natural Diamond Solid
Identify the following as physical or chemical property.

solid iron melts at a temperature of 1535 degree C
Solid Sulfur is yellow.
Natural Gas burns
Diamond is extremely hard.

1.Physical because it tells about the melting point which is a physical property…………
2.Physical because colour description is a physical property….
3.Chemical because combustion is a chemical property……..
4.Physical because it describes the nature of solid state……..

I think my identification is correct………..

Natural Diamond Solid
Natural Diamond Solid
Natural Diamond Solid

Topaz Crystal Silver

Topaz Crystal Silver

Holiday jewelry buyers may have a very special concern this season – blue Topaz gems that may possibly be radioactive. In July, several major jewelry companies reported that they had suspended all sales of blue Topaz gems because of concerns about whether the radiated stones have been properly tested for safe radiation levels before entering the United States.

In the last 30 years or so, blue topaz, in a light shade similar to that of aquamarine, has become a very popular gem. It is estimated that blue Topaz gems generate roughly $1 billion in annual sales across the US according to the American Gem Trade Association. Nearly every standard commercial jewelry store carries this gem for sale in a variety of jewelry settings. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the jewelry industry without this gemstone staple, but few people know that virtually all these beautiful blue gemstones have been treated by irradiation. Some years ago, it was discovered that inexpensive, colorless topaz crystals could be treated by nuclear radiation and the ionizing energy of the radiation would change the color of the topaz. The radioactive energy slightly alters the crystal and creates a color center that gives the blue color to the formerly colorless crystal. In general, the blue color is permanent.

The beautiful blue gemstones are comparatively inexpensive and have long been a consumer favorite in the US. Virtually 100% of these blue gems have been irradiated with some form of treatment or another, and essentially all of them are radiated in facilities outside the US that are not subject to US government safety regulations. Certain types of irradiation can actually create radioactivity within the topaz gems. Topaz gemstones which were previously safe can become radioactive to levels above what is considered safe by the government. Under the current regulations of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, only licensed companies may import and sell blue Topaz stones to the US market. These rules require that a licensed agent check the stones for any dangerous residual radioactivity. In spite of the fact that thousands of blue Topaz gemstones are sold in the US, currently there is not a single licensee authorized to do so, and there has not been for a number of years. The stones which are being sold have not been checked as required by law.

The question has arisen among consumer protection groups asking why no one has been monitoring the safety of the stones. In addition, because virtually no individual jewelry stores are equipped to check these stones for residual radioactivity, there is a concern that some radioactive stones may be making it into the US market and being sold to unwary jewelry consumers. At this time the NRC has not publicly requested jewelry retailers to stop selling blue Topaz, however some companies have done so voluntarily because of the potential risk to their customers.

The NRC is currently working with several associations of jewelers to create a system whereby all irradiated gems will be fully tested for safety before they are sold to the jewelry consumer. Several batches of blue Topaz have been tested, and no stones which would present a hazard to the wearer have been found. However, this testing covered only a limited number of stones, especially when considering the huge numbers that are currently being imported into the US.

The topaz gems which are of the greatest concern are those stones which display what is called a London blue color. This is a darker than normal blue, produced by more powerful nuclear radiation. It is this more powerful radiation that is most likely to make the treated topaz stone become radioactive itself. Jewelry industry spokesmen say that the risk is low, but concerned consumers should be aware of the potential for this problem.

To see photographs of the darker blue Topaz color, be sure to check out the authors Gem information website at: http://nevada-outback-gems.com/Encyclopedia_pages/gem_treatments/topaz_treatment.htm

For general information about topaz as a gemstone, check out the authors website at: http://nevada-outback-gems.com/Encyclopedia_pages/Topaz.htm

Chris Ralph writes on small scale mining and prospecting for the ICMJ Mining Journal. The author has an entire gem information encyclopedia on his website, be sure to check out the site at: http://nevada-outback-gems.com/Encyclopedia_pages/Gemstone_Encyclopedia.htm

Topaz Crystal Silver
Topaz Crystal Silver
Topaz Crystal Silver

White Topaz Crystal

White Topaz Crystal
can someone rate my new crystal beast deck? please give suggestions?

Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder!
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x2
Crystal Beast ruby carbuncle x2
Crystal Beast Amethyst cat x2
Crystal Beast Emerald turtle x2
Crystal Beast Amber mammoth x2
Crystal Beast Colbalt eagle x2
Seismic Crasher
Magna-Slash Dragon
Fire Princess
Injection Fairy Lily
White Horned Dragon
Gravi-Crush Dragon
Dweller in the Depths
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus x2

Spell and Trap cards:
Crystal Abundance
Crystal Promise
Crystal beacon
Last resort
Crystal raigeki
Gem flash energy
Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
Solemn wishes
Draining Shield
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Enemy Controller
Call of the Haunted
Negate Attack
Magic Cylinder
Banner of Courage
Dust Tornado
Lucky Iron Axe
Black Pendant
i replaced fire princess with slate worrior

Ok not a bad but needs work
First off if your going to work with Crystal Beast, your first goal is to bring them out. This way you can use their effects and you can summon Rainbow Dragon.
So I would take out Seismic Crasher, Magna-Slash Dragon, Injection Fairy Lily, Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder, and Gravi-Crush Dragon.
Also you want to draw the right cards at the right time, so useless magic and trap cards must go.
Gem flash energy, Solemn wishes, Draining Shield, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Enemy Controller, Call of the Haunted, Magic Cylinder, Banner of Courage, Dust Tornado, Lucky Iron Axe, and Black Pendant. Dude come on way too manny traps. You need ur Magic/trap zone open for the beasts. Now I would add
1 Rescue Cat
1 Crystal Abundance
1 Crystal beacon
1 Crystal Promise
3 Crystal Blessings
2 Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins
1 Sangan
1 Card Destruction
and 1 more of each of the 6 Cystal Beast, exclude Ruby because you only need 2 of her.

White Topaz Crystal
White Topaz Crystal
White Topaz Crystal