Teardrop Swarovski Crystal

Teardrop Swarovski Crystal

The bridal gown is one of the favorite parts of the wedding for most brides. If you ask brides what they loved most about their weddings (other than the groom!), most will say their wedding dresses and their bridal jewelry sets. Since it is such a special part of the wedding day, it can be really fun to design some wedding decorations that are inspired by the details on your bridal gown. These are some suggestions to get you started.

Think about your wedding gown for a moment (or longer if you prefer; maybe you even have a picture of your dress as the screensaver on your computer at work, you wouldn’t be the first!). What is it that drew you to that particular bridal gown? Is it exquisite handbeading on the bodice? Perhaps a delicate piece of lace trim? Or maybe your gown is created from a unique fabric like a silk pique or a lovely eyelet. Whatever your very favorite element is, this can be the jumping off point that you use for your wedding decorations.

Let’s say that your wedding gown is a simple white silk strapless with a Tiffany blue sash. You can echo this style throughout your wedding decor. The invitations can be white cotton rag paper with a blue silk bow on the top. For your reception, choose chair covers that are a crisp white accented with a pretty blue sash tied around the back. And for your wedding cake, there is a natural choice: a white fondant cake with a big Tiffany blue bow created from gum paste perched on the top with “ribbon” streamers cascading down the tiers of the cake.

If you have chosen a bridal gown with special beading, you will surely want to use that as the inspiration for the decor at your wedding. A sweet dresses with seed pearl embellishments worn traditional pearl bridal jewelry sets would lend themselves to one style; if the beading on your gown is done in dazzling Swarovski crystals, you would go another direction entirely for your decor. This is what allows you to really personalize your wedding.

With the sweet gown as your inspiration, think about a white-on-white color scheme featuring lots of tiny pearls. For example, an all white bouquet of peonies and garden roses would look beautiful when tied with a wide white ribbon bow. Trim the edges of the ribbon with a row of tiny stitched pearls. You can even use seed pearls to create subtle monograms on everything from white linen banners to hang on the church doors to a custom chair cover on the bride’s seat at the reception. For the wedding cake, a white buttercream frosting with faux frosting “pearls” would be ideal.

If it is sparkle that made you fall in love with your wedding gown, bring that bling into your wedding design. Go crazy with crystals! Adorn the reception venue with opulent crystal chandeliers, hang teardrop crystals in the centerpieces, and even slip a few twinkling Swarovski crystals onto the ribbons on the wedding favors. As long as all of the crystals you use are top quality, the effect will be elegant and extraordinary, but never tacky.

From stationery to table linens to everything in between, there are all sorts of ways that you can mimic your favorite details from your bridal gown in the rest of the wedding design. It is a great way to create a unified decor scheme that will tie your whole wedding together beautifully, while highlighting the special features of your wedding gown.

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding.Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. For the most beautiful bridal jewelry sets, look for pieces that are handcrafted with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.

Teardrop Swarovski Crystal
Teardrop Swarovski Crystal
Teardrop Swarovski Crystal

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