Tone Diamond Necklace

Tone Diamond Necklace
HELLP!!! omg fashion emergency hellp?

Tomarrow is school and i have no clue what to wear! Please help me! It is going to be cool…not very cold but not warm. Here is what i have……….

gray babydoll tank
turqouise tube top
red longsleve babydoll
light blue t-back tank with embelishments
tight pink shirt w/puff sleves and tie belt
“Blondes are always in style” pink shirt
“Best youll never have” white shirt
black tank
white tank
hot pink tank

hot pink velour jacket
black velour jacket
white velour jacket
dark pink abercrombie jacket
white abercrombie jacket
brown cargo jacket with faux fur hood

dark skinny jeans
medium tone skinny jeans
light jeans
denim skirt

White Flats
Silver flip flops
white flip flops
hot pink flip flops
black flip flops
black open toe flats

diamond studded bangle
diamond earings
circle diamond necklace
tight black headbands

Help as soon as u can!
i will give 10 points to my fav

how is this an “emergency”? be creative, thats what fashion is about!

Tone Diamond Necklace
Tone Diamond Necklace
Tone Diamond Necklace

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