Topaz Blue Crystal

Topaz Blue Crystal
rate my crystal/toon deck?

blue eyes toon dragon
manga ryu-ran
toon dark magician girl
crystal beast sapphire pegasus
crystal beast amber mammoth x3
crystal beast topaz tiger
dweller in the depths
toon mermaid
cobalt eagle x3
amethyst cat x3
emerald tortoise x2
ruby carbuncle x3
rainbow ruins
crystal beacon x 2
crystal blessing x2
crystal promise x2
d.d. capsule
lighting vortex
toon world
crystal raigeki x3
dimension wall
draining shield
gem flash energy x2
sakuretsu armor

Pretty Good! I would give it a 9/10 compared to my deck lol.

Topaz Blue Crystal
Topaz Blue Crystal
Topaz Blue Crystal

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