Untreated Natural Diamond

Untreated Natural Diamond

Cleopatra adored the satiny green hue of the emerald. The oldest mines can be found in Egypt near the Red Sea and they are referred to as “Cleopatra’s Mines.” Unfortunately, she was not alone in her adoration. From 3000 to 1500 B.C., other pharaohs also enjoyed the rich gemstones so much so that the mines were completely depleted long ago. Luckily, these were not the only mines so you can enjoy elaborate emerald earrings in the fashion of Cleopatra or a simple emerald pendant. You don’t have to miss out on this envy-inducing green gemstone.

What are they?

The gemstone known as emerald is the consummate green gem. It is made up of beryllium-aluminium-silcates and is a member of the beryl family of stones. In the family, the emerald is typically the darker green and bluish green stones. The lighter ones are simply called green beryl.

Because pure natural beryl stones are clear, trace particles of vanadium, chromium and iron are what give the emerald its color. The most sought after color is a darkish green with a slight blue tint. These stones are well known for coming out of the mines in Columbia. If you can find a natural, untreated Columbian emerald ring of significant size, you will pay dearly, but it will be worth it.

Where do they come from?

So, if Cleopatra’s Mines are empty, where are these gorgeous green gems coming from? There are still mines located in Africa in countries like Zambia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. But today, the greatest supply comes from South America. Particularly, Brazil and Columbia are well known for the color and clarity of stones that come out of their mines.

Though South America and Africa are the top producers of the stones, there are other mines across Asia. Pakistan, Afghanistan and India boast their own supplies. Russia is also home to productive mines.

May’s Birthstone

Every month has a gemstone (or two) dedicated as an official birthstone for people born during that month. For May, emerald ring purchases are common as a birthday gift. But, there are other special occasions for which an emerald tennis bracelet might make a wonderful gift. Why? Because it is also the official gemstone designated to commemorate the 20th and 35th wedding anniversary.

Care and Cleaning

These lovely green stones one of the four original precious gemstones- diamond, ruby and sapphire being the others. However, it is also the least hard with a rating of 8. Now, that doesn’t mean they are fragile, they just require a little more tender-loving care. One reason they are more delicate is because they naturally have inclusions that weakens their strength. As a result, the agitation of an ultrasonic cleaner is not a good idea for their care.

Another issue to consider is that most of these gems go through an oiling treatment to help reduce the appearance of inclusions that are present in all emeralds. Using strong cleaners and even a steamer can remove the oils.

However you wear them, these gems are classic and sophisticated. In all shapes, sizes and shades; whether earrings or a gemstone ring, they go with everything.

Emeralds are well known for coming out of the mines in Columbia. Natural, an untreated Colombian emerald ring of significant size may be very costly but it will be worth it. Read more about this consummate green gem at http://www.gemaffair.com.

Untreated Natural Diamond
Untreated Natural Diamond
Untreated Natural Diamond

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