Wedding Bridesmaid Crystal

Wedding Bridesmaid Crystal
How much would it cost to make a crystal wedding bouquet?

Just wondering if anyone knew how much a crystal wedding bouquet would cost- a larger one for me the bride. that is if I made it myself. I was also thinking of doing smaller ones for the bridesmaids and boutineers for the guys and one coursage for a girl on my fiance’s side. Has anyone done this? Any tips? I was just looking around online, and I think I really love this idea. I’m all about new ideas for our wedding :)

Here’s a pic of a crystal bouquet-


Thats awesome!

I found this site with directions and she put her email so you can write and ask for tips, email her and ask about how much it cost for the bouquet all together, with materials and such, I bet she would tell you.

Good luck!

Wedding Bridesmaid Crystal
Wedding Bridesmaid Crystal
Wedding Bridesmaid Crystal

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