Wedding Crystal Chandelier

Wedding Crystal Chandelier

Nothing says “party” like the Roaring ’20s. The Jazz Age was known for its dancing, cocktails, and fun. If you are looking for a really great theme for your wedding, then look no further!

The 1920s was the age of the flapper. For the first time ever, women were able to let their hair down (or chop it short), throw away their corsets, roll down their stockings, and dance until dawn. What’s not to love, right? The cool carefree style of the flappers would be the perfect starting point for a Roaring ’20s inspired wedding.

There are plenty of vintage inspired dresses that would be great. If you want to be really authentic, look for a chiffon or charmeuse dress that comes to a little below the knee in a loose shift style with a dropped waist. The flappers often had beautiful details on their party dresses, such as handbeading or embroidery. Even if you are not going for a period replica, look for a wedding gown that has some of the Jazz Age flavor. A full length wedding gown in a flowing fabric like a beaded chiffon would be ideal.

For accessories, look for pieces that make a statement. Actual 1920s brides often wore dresses that were not quite floor length, paired with long veils that flowed behind them. A long plain tulle veil would do the trick, but you could also look for special veils, such as Belgian lace or tulle with embroidery around the edges. The traditional bridal hair jewelry was wax orange blossoms, but a modern bride might prefer to have crystal bridal jewelry in her hair.

Speaking of your bridal jewelry, either crystal or pearl could work very well for a Roaring ’20s inspired bride. Long crystal chandelier earrings would look fantastic with a beaded chiffon gown. If sparkle isn’t so much your style, then a long rope of pearls will be just the thing to wear while dancing the Charleston at your wedding reception.

Music and dancing are part of every wedding, and the 1920s were known for their great dance music. The Charleston is one of the best known dances from the era; other favorites include the shag, the Lindy Hop, the foxtrot, and the waltz. Definitely plan to do your first dance to one of these. A really unique idea would be to have a dance instructor on hand to teach all of the guests a few basic steps, then let everyone dance the night away to the hits of the Roaring ’20s.

One of the other things that the ’20s is best known for is the speakeasys and cocktail parties. Despite Prohibition, the drinks were flowing, and gin was the liquor of choice. Serve classic cocktails like gin martinis, gins fizzes, and champagne punch to get your guests into the spirit. Mint juleps were another popular drink of the day; they were not new, but they spiked in popularity thanks to The Great Gatsby.

To pull your theme together, sprinkle some vintage touches throughout your wedding. For instance, if you could rent an authentic 1920s car, like a Model T, for your grand exit, wouldn’t that be much more exciting than the basic limo? Another nice detail would be a vintage cake topper. You can track them down in antique shops or online.

A Roaring ’20s inspired wedding is one of the most fun themes that you could choose. There are many books and movies to get you started. It is the perfect theme for a couple who is hoping that their wedding will be a great party that their guests will never forget.

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding.Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. Crystal bridal jewelry is a fabulous finishing touch for brides of any era.

Wedding Crystal Chandelier
Wedding Crystal Chandelier
Wedding Crystal Chandelier

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