Wedding Diamond Solitaire

Wedding Diamond Solitaire

An alexandrite wedding band may be designed to include one or many alexandrite stones. Set in white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver, an alexandrite wedding band may come in different kinds like the solitaire, three-stone, five-stone, and diamond. Alexandrite stones are chrysoberyl varieties found commonly in Russia, Brazil, Myanmar, and Madagascar. They are stones that change color depending on the angle.

Your options

A solitaire alexandrite wedding band has a single alexandrite stone styled in a prong setting, with the stone cut to round, square, oval, or marquise. A three-stone alexandrite band, on the other hand, has three alexandrite stones lined up horizontally. It depends on the design but other precious stones may be used as well. As the name implies, five-stone alexandrite bands have five stones, also arranged horizontally, with precious stones also used to make the wedding band fancier. As for diamond alexandrite bands, one or several alexandrite stones may be used in the overall design, along with diamond stones set in a specific pattern.

Why buy alexandrite?

Alexandrite is believed to relieve a number of ailments, including spleen or pancreatic problems. If you or anyone you know is suffering from those conditions, then alexandrite is a good option. Not to mention that alexandrite also does wonders for self-esteem. If you’re thinking of giving alexandrite as a gift, give it to someone who’s a Gemini as this is his birthstone. Alexandrite is also the anniversary stone for 45th and 55th wedding anniversaries so they also make excellent gifts to wives to celebrate the occasion. If not for the benefits, alexandrite remains to be a very attractive stone because of the way it changes color so it will make for a very beautiful gift for anybody, regardless of the occasion.

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Wedding Diamond Solitaire
Wedding Diamond Solitaire
Wedding Diamond Solitaire

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