White Crystal Flower

White Crystal Flower

There is nothing lovelier than an all white wedding. The centerpiece of such a timeless style of wedding decorations is the flowers. All white bridal bouquets have been cherished by brides for generations.

Almost any flower that you could ever want is available in white, which means that you will have a world of choices when designing your bouquet. A white bouquet can be designed to showcase a singular type of favorite flower, or it can be a rich study in contrasting textures and shapes. In addition, your florist can create an all white bridal bouquet that is perfect for any season.

Spring brides will have wonderful choices for their white bouquets. If your style is simple and clean, then a big fat bunch of white tulips makes the perfect bouquet for you to carry. Finish it off with an extra wide satin ribbon bow on the stems. You can use a white bow, or add a splash of color by choosing a ribbon in a different color, or even a stripe.

If you like an old fashioned bouquet, consider white flowers like lily of the valley or sweetpeas. These will make delicate bouquets with lots of great texture. Another wonderful texture is the papery look of tightly wrapped ranunculus. These smallish white flowers combine beautifully with other round blossoms, such as roses and peonies.

Speaking of peonies, nothing could be more feminine and lovely than a big round bouquet featuring these classic beauties. A peach or pale pink grosgrain ribbon would be the ideal accent around the stems. If you like the look of big, open flowers, also consider roses, which are readily available to brides at any time of the year. To fill out your bouquet while keeping costs under control, ask the florist to intersperse some stems of lisyanthus, which will blend in nicely, but are more affordable than roses.

Summer brides can choose from any of the year round flowers for their bouquets, or opt for seasonal blooms such as hydrangea. The elegance of these big flowers with lots of petals makes them gorgeous for any type of wedding, from formal to casual. It all depends on how you choose to arrange them. For a more formal bouquet, choose a dripping cascade of white flowers that combines the hydrangea with roses and greens. If you are having a relaxed afternoon wedding, a simple bundle of white hydrangea tied with a pretty ribbon will be beautiful.

There are many other wonderful white flowers from which to choose. In the autumn, consider mixing white roses with other natural elements, such as leaves and berries. White is also very, very popular for winter weddings. For a winter wonderland theme, take inspiration from your crystal bridal jewelry to trim out your white bouquet: have the florist wire dazzling crystals between the blooms. The crystal accents in your bouquet will be a lovely echo of your spectacular bridal jewelry. Choose large, showy flowers, such as white lilies to create a grand and dramatic bouquet.

With so many choices, you can create a unique and beautiful bouquet for your wedding without adding any color. The all white bridal bouquet is a classic choice, and it is a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of your wedding gown, without using any color that could be distracting. After all, you want your bouquet to be a special part of your bridal ensemble, but the center of attention should always be the bride herself.

Finding the whole process of weddings and all the planning that goes into one fascinating, Laura writes about many of the considerations that brides have to deal with. Crystal bridal jewelry is a fabulous way to add sparkle to your wedding day.

White Crystal Flower
White Crystal Flower
White Crystal Flower

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