Xmas Wedding Crystal

Xmas Wedding Crystal
I am unable to get a florist for my xmas wedding?

as last delivery is way befor xmas. What do you think of this as an alternitive to a bouquet?


It’s between xmas and New Years.
Thanks for all your opinions. No it’s not everyones taste but I am a huge crystal fan. The colour scheme is white/black and silver. x

People order centerpieces for Xmas/or New Years parties don’t they? Is it just that they wouldn’t last the extra time between Xmas and New Years? You may be able to find a florist still.

If you really like that sparkly one, you should look into making it yourself. I know you can do something like that for cheaper and that one will arrive shipped and possibly smashed, require just as much work to reshape it as to make one yourself.

However, depending on your colours, I’d personally go for a really dense big cluster of red berries (like cranberries). You could even do something fun with very fancy ribbons that looks like a bouqet. I even read somewhere about doing a candy or cookie bouquet (all the kids will want to catch that one!). You can also do something with crystal or glass flowers, origami, a fur muff since its a winter wedding, a horseshoe for luck or lantern if its a rustic setting.
If you’re religious you could carry a rosary or a bible/prayer book.
If the venue allows it , you could carry a single candle with a ribbon etc (with a glass shield). You could use it in a unity candle ceremony if you’re into that.

You could also carry something that means something to you, your family or your future husband. If you are really into wine maybe something with grapes?

Wow, you’re giving me ideas now!

Xmas Wedding Crystal
Xmas Wedding Crystal
Xmas Wedding Crystal

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