Yellow Classic Diamond

Yellow Classic Diamond
What do you think of yellow gold for engagement ring?

My engagement ring has just been made.

I haven’t seen it yet but my boyfriend has told me what it looks like (we designed it together)…

It’s a brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring.

The diamond is amazing quality (e colour etc) & it’s from Antwerp (just over half a carat in size…boy will it sparkle!)

The claws are White Gold (to make diamond stand out & sparkle), the band is yellow gold.

We chose yellow gold cos we think it’s more special – to me you can’t tell white gold from silver! Also I wear a yellow gold bangle and gold diamond earings.

Also, yellow gold stays shiny whereas white gold goes crappy after a while & has to be coated each year in Chromium to keep it shiny!

Also, everyone chooses white gold…so yellow gold is unique and classic!

What do you think?
by the way e colour = colourless

so the yellow gold can’t make it look yellow cos it has NO colour!

My ring is an E too, and it will be fabulous.

The metal is preference. Usually the head of the diamond is set in platinum even in a yellow gold setting. This is because platinum is a stronger metal and is less likely to be bent (the prongs) and less likely to loose it. I am certain this is platinum. I do have a yellow gold engagement ring that does not have platinum prongs, I was just careful to check it often. My upgraded ring I got for our 5th yr anniversary and its a solitaire in platinum.

PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome that many women have, its a fluctation of hormones causing difficulty in conceiving sometimes. I have it too, and had 3 kids.

A half of carat is hardly too big, its a decent size but not obscene even on the tiniest of hands and I have a very understated nongaudy taste.

white color diamonds D-E-F do not look yellow set in a yellow gold setting.

Yellow Classic Diamond
Yellow Classic Diamond
Yellow Classic Diamond

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