Blue Crystal Earrings

Blue Crystal Earrings
Which earrings to wear?!?

My HTB picked out a pair of inexpensive crystal earrings for me to wear. They are beautiful.

My Dad gifted me with another pair of saphirre earrings. They match my mom’s ring that I’m wearing down the aisle and are also beautiful. He said they can be my something blue since the sapphire on her ring is really dark and almost black. (I already had something blue lined up but he didn’t know since they are my underoos and I don’t talk about my underoos with my dad)

I know its a stupid thing to worry about but which ones do I wear and how do I not hurt the other one’s feelings? Both of them go with my dress and other jewelry so no outs there. :( I’m grateful that these men both love me and know my tastes so well but have really put me on the spot LOL.
The earrings aren’t a family heirloom, just something he had made to match the ring from my mom when she died.

I have two sets of holes in my ears but I tried them together and its’ just too bulky and doesn’t look good.

Both pairs sound lovely.

Why not wear the sapphire earrings for your wedding and then bring the crystal along on the honeymoon?

Whichever way you decide, talk to the one whose earrings you aren’t going to wear and make sure he understands that you love the earrings he gave you and will wear them other times.

Or I suppose you could always get another piercing in your ears!

Blue Crystal Earrings
Blue Crystal Earrings
Blue Crystal Earrings

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