Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz
How much is a quartz crystal worth?

I have found a quartz crystal that is 4′ by 4′ feet by 2′ feet and is in very
good shape,how much would it be worth?
Also I have a red crystal around maybe a quarter ton and it is in a decent shape is it worth anything?
it is a milky or snow white crystal i havent seen the inside yet

Quartz is common but big crystals are not. There is a whole culture for people who buy crystals and some can be worth quite a bit of money. Find a rock shop to take it to and see if they will sell it on commission. Take some photos and repost your question.

Maybe ask these guys:

Sounds like you have a couple thousand bucks worth of stuff.

Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz

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