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Princess Diamond Earrings

Princess Diamond Earrings
Good websites to purchase diamond earrings?

Looking to purchase princess cut diamond earrings online. Whats a good website with a decent price?

Don’t look for cheap though, cause you’ll get what you pay for. And, the whole point of buying diamonds is that they are expensive. But whatever you get, be sure to take it for appraisal to make sure that it is real, and worth as much as you payed.

Princess Diamond Earrings
Princess Diamond Earrings
Princess Diamond Earrings

Round Diamond Star

Round Diamond Star
help me identify the value of these old coins and dollar bills?

k im gonna get right to it

1. a coin that says “national parks centimental” has a buffalo on the front with the world above the buffalo and it looks gold/brass

2. a coin that on the front, says “aloha from hawaii wakkiki beach-diamond head and on the back has a picture opf a person in a robe with some sort of spear and it says “hawaii dollar honalulu

3. a coin front: has a picture of a eagle and says ” united states of america one dollar

4. another one that says united states one dollar but on the back has a picture of a man on on the right side has the olympic sign and some stars that kinda look like the houston astros sign and says “los angeles” on the left

5. a small small dollar bill that says bank “indonesia” and has a picture of a man in a really big round hat and the tip of the hat has a point”

6. a canada 5 dollar bill with a bird on the back and on the front a man in a suit with a white collar

7. A old bill that says “reich banknote”

1. worth nothing (souvenir)
2. worth nothing (souvenir)
3. one dollar
4. one dollar
5. worth nothing (foreign currenty but value is < .01) 6. Worth $5.00 Canadian, about $4.50 US 7. Don't know - need more information.

Round Diamond Star
Round Diamond Star
Round Diamond Star

Genuine Diamond Earrings

Genuine Diamond Earrings
*which diamond necklace and earrings are the best?**pic incl**?

i need to find the best one my cousin’s her birthday is coming up i need a perfect necklace. well i need my necklace too so pick the two best please. for me and my cousin.









your 1st and 3rd option looks the same, same thing happens with your 6th and 7th option; and if u look at your 2nd and your 4th option, it looks also the same, but only with a different background and price. The 2nd one is cheaper than the fourth one; and if u look at your 6th option, it looks like a bridal necklace and earrings, and it I guess it won’t fit for your cousin as she is not to be married, yet.
So, now we have your 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 8th option.

According to me,
The best one is the 1st, then 2nd, then 8th, and the last 5th.

*Be aware of diamonds,,,
they can be fake as we can make diamonds easily out of carbon.
You should check carefully, and if needed, ask someone who is an expert in diamonds, to check them.

Hope this helps!

Genuine Diamond Earrings
Genuine Diamond Earrings
Genuine Diamond Earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when looking for a

special gift, it’s that diamond earrings are something no

woman can ever get enough of! An elegant, timeless gift,

diamond earrings have a special place in a woman’s jewelry

box. They are a perfect gift for a special occasion, and

because they go with nearly anything, they don’t cause

any wardrobe catastrophes. They look just as great with an

evening dress as they do with blue jeans.

When you’re shopping for diamond earrings there are a few

things to bear in mind. There are several basic styles of

diamond earrings to choose from: stud, hoops, drops and

chandeliers. Diamond earrings can be found in most popular

cuts, and if trends are important to them, Princess-cut

diamonds are very popular right now in diamond earrings.

Other classic choices may include a round-cut diamond stud

earring. When you are looking for elegant simplicity, a

diamond stud earring is the way to go. Easy to deal with and

sure to go with anything, diamond studs are a no-brainer.

Hoop earrings can give a very feminine and elegant look

also, and are usually very lightweight and easy to

wear. You can find them in many different metals and when

combined with diamonds make a stunning statement.

Drop earrings and chandeliers are obviously designed to

dangle below the ear lobe, so other considerations such as

personal style, hair and choice of wardrobe may be more of a

factor here. The sense of movement they bring to the table

though may be worth the added considerations.

When choosing your diamond earrings, always look for high-

quality color and clarity. Any obvious imperfections should

be rejected. They should also be near-colorless.

Diamond earrings are a wonderful addition to any woman’s

arsenal, and it’s rare to find one who feels she has enough.

For a timeless and classy gift, remember diamond earrings

next time you need that perfect gift!

Keith Thompson is a diamond devotee and owner of [http://www.diamondstoday.info] For more information on diamond earrings [http://www.diamondstoday.info] please visit today!

Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings
Diamond Drop Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings
where can i get diamond-shaped hoop earrings like these? (pic)?

they’re not diamond like the gem they are like the common round ones but diamond shaped. i was hoping for sterling silver in color.

i saw lindsay lohan and jessica alba with them i was wondering where i can get them?




Diamond Hoop Earrings
Diamond Hoop Earrings
Diamond Hoop Earrings

Carat Diamond Earrings

Carat Diamond Earrings
what is a good amount of carat for diamond earrings?

i dont know much about diamonds and stuff… but im looking to buy a pair of diamond earrings for my second holes… what do you think is a good carat that isnt to small but also not too big?

1/4 carat is about the perfect size. Size isn’t what really matters though! Clarity,cut and how it is set makes the difference!

Carat Diamond Earrings
Carat Diamond Earrings
Carat Diamond Earrings

Diamond Flower Earrings

Diamond Flower Earrings
Where can I buy earrings online?

where can I buy some pretty studs online that are okay for people who are allergic? I’ve been wearing diamond earrings for 6 months, and not to sound snobby or anything but it gets kind of boring after that long… especially if your friends change almost every 2 days! Lol. I just want a few. I tried claire’s, but they don’t sell online.

PS, I am looking for cute earrings like animals or flowers or colorful ones. Nothing plain! :)

PSS, I am 12 in case that helps!

I would go to Claire’s if that is what you are looking for in the mall it is my fave store:) Good luck(or on ebay)

Diamond Flower Earrings
Diamond Flower Earrings
Diamond Flower Earrings

Diamond Round Cheap

Diamond Round Cheap
What’s the difference between round diamonds and princess cut diamonds? Why is the princess cut cheaper?

Diamond shapes
Round diamonds, princess diamonds, marquise diamonds, oval diamonds or pear-shaped diamonds? What to think about before buying a diamond of any particular shape.

We’ve said that the shape of a diamond is a matter of personal taste. While a round diamond may appeal to a more traditional woman, a heart shape has greater appeal to the hopelessly romantic. But there are other considerations to take into account before making your final selection.

First, how will the shape of the diamond look on your hand? A woman with a small hand may prefer a round or princess shape diamond; whereas, a woman with long, slender fingers can wear a marquise, pear or oval shape diamond without having it cover too much of her finger to look elegant. The setting – or mounting — for a diamond also plays a role in how the diamond looks on a woman’s hand. A heavier, more elaborate setting, for instance, would not appear graceful on a smaller hand. Certain settings also enhance the beauty of a particular shape of diamond better than others.

Second, how important is size? Diamonds are measured in carat weight, but shape contributes to the appearance of size. A one-carat emerald shape diamond with a larger surface area (table), but less depth, may appear larger than a two-carat round diamond with a smaller table, but greater depth in the bottom portion of the stone (pavilion).

Finally, what shape catches the eye? If you’re looking for a diamond that will attract a lot of attention, you’ll probably prefer The Leo Diamond®. Whatever shape Leo Diamond you prefer, you’ll be wowed by its superior brilliance when compared with other diamonds of comparable quality.

Beautiful diamonds, like beautiful women, come in all shapes and sizes. It’s truly a matter of personal taste which shape holds the greatest appeal for you.

What shapes do diamonds come in?
There are eight diamond shapes that are most commonly offered by fine jewelers:

Round diamonds

Princess diamonds

Marquise diamonds

Oval diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds

Emerald diamonds

Radiant diamonds

Heart diamonds


Of these diamonds shapes, the most popular by far is the round diamond, which takes center stage in the classic engagement ring – a round, solitaire diamond set either in yellow gold or platinum. Shapes other than round are called fancy shapes.

Learn more about the most perfect diamond he can give you.

See The Leo Diamond Collection

Diamond shape vs. diamond cut: what’s the difference?
Since you’re learning about diamonds, it makes sense to know the correct terminology. The terms “shape” and “cut” are frequently confused. People refer to an emerald cut diamond, but emerald is really the shape of the stone, not the cut. The shape is the geometrical form of a diamond after a diamond artisan cuts and polishes it.

Cut is another story altogether. Cut is one of the 4Cs – or characteristics of a diamond — that determines the value of a diamond. A well cut diamond is one that maximizes the beauty and brilliance of the stone.

Whether a diamond is well cut or poorly cut depends entirely on the skill of the artisan. Cutting a diamond requires experience, artistry, and precision. Each individual facet must be precisely carved and placed in a symmetrical pattern to capture and reflect light brilliantly. See how Return of Light affects the value of diamonds. A perfect example? The Leo Diamond. It’s handcrafted for superior fire, sparkle and brilliance by the master artisans at Leo Schachter.

You can recognize a well cut diamond by its fire and brilliance; but to be absolutely sure you can ask your jeweler for a GemEx report – a scientific measurement of Return of Light taken with a BrillianceScope™. It’s an additional diamond certification that comes with every Leo Diamond, by Leo Schachter.

Other factors to consider when choosing a diamond are:

• Certification

• The 4C’s

• Beauty and brilliance

• Branded Vs unbranded

• How much you want to spend

• Which setting you should choose

• The best place to buy a diamond

Diamond Round Cheap
Diamond Round Cheap
Diamond Round Cheap

Blue Crystal Heart

Blue Crystal Heart

As we are all (hopefully!) aware we have a physical body. We also have an energy body. This energy body is sometimes called an aura. In our energy body we have seven main energy centres or Chakras.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning wheel or circle. In a deeper sense the word describes whirlpools or vortex like wheels of energy located along the central axis (spine) of our bodies.

Chakras have been known about for thousands of years they are mentioned in both ancient Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine. It is thought that a blockage in one particular chakra can manifest as physical illness if it were to remain untreated.

Each Chakra resonates with a certain energy vibration, this correlates with a particular colour, sound wave, or perfume. If a Chakra is out of balance it requires re-balancing and healing with an energy, whether that be Reiki, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, or Music, or indeed combination of the above.

For example a chakra blockage could be treated with the following;

Crown Chakra, Colour – White, Crystal – Quartz, Aroma – Lavender, Sound – Note B.

Third Eye Chakra, Colour – Indigo, Crystal – Amethyst, Aroma – Basil, Sound – Note A.

Throat Chakra, Colour – Blue, Crystal – Blue Lace Agate, Aroma – Chamomile, Sound – Note G.

Heart Chakra, Colour – Green, Crystal – Aventurine, Aroma – Rose, Sound – Note F.

Solar PLexus Chakra, Colour – Yellow, Crystal – Citrine, Aroma – Peppermint, Sound – Note E.

Sacral Chakra, Colour – Orange, Crystal – Carnelian, Aroma – Jasmine, Sound – Note D.

Base Chakra, Colour – Red, Crystal – Obsidian, Aroma – Frankincense, Sound – Note C.

The above list is by no means exhaustive.

There are many ways to become in tune with your Chakras, to know when they are balanced, or require healing. Again one of the most effective ways is by visualisation.

In a quiet room, where you will not be disturbed, carry out your grounding and protection routine. Once that is complete sit somewhere comfortable with your feet firmly on the floor, and close your eyes.

Imagine energy rising up from your feet into your Base Chakra. Once it is there see your Base Chakra as a red flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your Base Chakra to your Sacral Chakra. Once it is there see your Sacral Chakra as an orange flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your Sacral Chakra to your Solar Plexus Chakra. Once it is there see your Solar Plexus as a yellow flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your Solar Plexus to your Heart Chakra. Once it is there see your heart chakra as a green flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your Heart Chakra to your Throat Chakra. Once it is there see your Throat Chakra as a blue flower.

Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your Throat Chakra to your Third Eye. Once it is there see your third eye as a purple flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Move the energy up from your third eye to your Crown Chakra. Once it is there see your Crown Chakra as a pure white flower. Watch this flower opening in your minds eye. How does this flower feel? How does it open?

Once this process is completed and you feel happy to do so, begin at your crown chakra and slowly close all the petals of the flower and repeat each process as you move down the chakras to ensure that your chakras are now closed and safe. If chakras were to remain constantly open all the time, they may become un-protected, this can result in feeling lethargic and tired. Once you have completed the process make a note in your logbook about how you felt, anything you noticed?

Chakras are integral to any form of psychic work, from healing right through to doing a reading. Your Chakras need to be clear, and your energy needs to be working freely in order for you to help others either by healing, or any other type of energy work. If blockages remain these can adversely affect your performance in whichever activity you choose to undertake.

Katy Rogers is a holistic therapist / trainer and a psychic teacher. Together with her husband Mark, they run Harmony House http://www.harmony-house.org/ a VTCT accredited holistic training academy based in Glossop and within easy travelling distance of Manchester, Stockport, Sheffield, Buxton, Barnsley, Macclesfield and Huddersfield.

Our VTCT massage courses, reflexology courses, indian head massage courses, aromatherapy courses run throughout the year.

We also run the following Complementary Medical Assocaition accredited courses. Hot Stones Massage Courses, Hopi Ear Candle courses, Life Coaching Diploma courses. Along side our Reiki training, and psychic development courses.

To receive holistic therapy training please contact Mark or Katy at http://www.harmony-house.org/

Blue Crystal Heart
Blue Crystal Heart
Blue Crystal Heart